By Clare Goggin Sivits
The Daily Meal

A few weeks ago, you may have seen a photo going around featuring the "Craft Beer Destination," a concession stand at Yankee Stadium that didn’t actually serve any "craft beer." Of the four drinks sold at the stand, one wasn't even beer (it was cider) and all of them were produced by MillerCoors, a giant company whose beer cannot be considered "craft" for several reasons (detailed here.) And Yankee Stadium decided to rename the "craft beer destination" as the "beer mixology destination," which also makes us cringe -- but we digress.

The photo became a symbol of the sad state of beer at baseball stadiums: It's always expensive and it's typically nothing special. Although that might be what most of us think about ballpark beer, it's not always the case. Several ballparks are featuring better and better beer -- you just have to know where to find it. With that in mind, we explored Major League Baseball stadiums across the country to find the 10 best spots for beer.

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Granted, you should probably have to have a reason aside from beer to actually go to these places — say, you want to see a baseball game? But if you end up at one of these ballparks, you can count on finding a good pint of beer instead of the lame beer options you’d have to settle for elsewhere.

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