The 2013 NBA playoffs have been full of overtime thrillers, game-winning shots and unbelievable plays by some of the worlds greatest athletes.

There have also been a number of dramatic flops that have warranted fines. With flopping so prevelant in the NBA, one has to wonder: Who is the best at putting himself on his rear end?

NBA's Biggest Floppers: Ends Justify Means? Slideshow


Paul Pierce

A Boston Celtics legend, Pierce has been one of the most consistent players in the past decade. His undeniable shooting and strength has earned him the title "The Truth." Ironically, Pierce has been able to deceive refs game after game with his flopping ability.


Dwyane Wade

Wade has made a living with his acting skills, as most opposing offenses understand they cannot lay a finger on him without him screaming bloody murder. Wade provided one of the most memorable flops of the 2013 postseason, as he used his athleticism to hurl his body out of bounds after Roy Hibbert's pinky touched him.


Reggie Evans

An NBA journeyman, Evans is known for his passion and fiery rebounding skill. Evans was the first player to be fined this season under the new flopping rule. Clearly the fine wasn't enough, as he continues to polish up his theatrical skills with constant flopping.


Derek Fisher

It seems like every time the NBA postseason comes around, Derek Fisher is on one of the playoff teams. Even at his old age, teams continue to flock to his services for his leadership, clutch three point shooting, and most importantly, flopping skill. It is hard not to laugh at his antics on the court, as he hits the floor almost every possession.


Manu Ginobili

Ginobili and the Big Three of the San Antonio Spurs have put together one of the best decades in NBA history, and they've made another finals run in 2013. Ginobili has been a big part of their championship runs and has done so by having some of the most dramatic falls, cries, and flails in NBA history. Even in his twilight, one can easily tell that the Argentine has taken a few acting classes.


Anderson Varajeo

Varajeo is widely known as an amazing flopper, having the ability to sway referees' calls on a game-to-game basis. Gaining recognition during LeBron James' Cleveland days, Varajeo has an uncanny act of randomly falling on the ground in the process of helping the Cavaliers play and win so many games. Oh wait ...


J.J Barea

After winning the NBA championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, the little guy came onto the flopping scene strong as he was able to showcase his amazing theatrical talent. His constant flailing, falling and screaming earned him a spot on our list.

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