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Anyone who's attempted the Tour de Franzia knows that wine and racing rarely ends well, but what about a race that ends with wine?

Those, we approve of ... and picked a few worth sharing:

Wine Country Races Slideshow


A Grape View

Here's to hoping racers fuel with spaghetti instead of the liquid dinner Fueled By Fine Wine's title suggests, but we’re not judging either way. Participants are challenged by unpaved trails and steep hills, and rewarded with scenic views and Oregon-native grape juice at the official after party. Fueled by Fine Wine Half Marathon; July 14; Register. (Need new running shoes? Check out the innovative Energy Boost model.)


Stomp The (Vine)Yard

This annual wine-touring weekend along Michigan's Wine Coast features a 5k or 7 mile run through Leelanau's vineyards at harvest time, followed by a tour of Leelanau wineries with plenty of wine and food pairings. Leelanau Peninsula Harvest Stompede; Sept. 7; Register.


Happy Hallo-wine

The Healdsburg Halloween Harvest takes runners past 22 California wineries on the 13.1-mile course. Runners are encouraged to get weird in creepy costumes for the Halloween-themed run, and winners bring home a bottle o' booze! Healdsburg Half Marathon; Oct. 26; Register.


Spice Up Your Life

Spicewood Vineyards call wino runners to San Antonio, Texas, for a self-proclaimed "challenging" half-marathon or 10K through Texas Hill Country. For anyone in southern discomfort after the finish line, the registration fee covers beer, food, and enough red wine to quiet achy muscles. Spicewood Vineyards Half-Marathon and 10K; Dec. 1; Register. (Want to go overseas and run? Consider Marathon Tours.)

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