It was a dog day at Madison Square Garden, as thousands of pooches competed for the top billing. Here are the cutest, hairiest and silliest photos from the event:

The Best Images Of The Westminster Dog Show Slideshow


Banana Joe

Joe became the first affenpinscher to win "Best in Show" at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog.


Bugaboo's Perfect

The Old English Sheepdog might have been a little hot indoors at Madison Square Garden.


A Komondor

Did someone misplace the mop?


A Standard Schnauzer

Check out the whiskers on this guy. He means business.


A Bernese Mountain Dog

This pooch was one of 2,721 dogs from 187 breeds and varieties.


A German Wirehaired Pointer

This dog looks like it could use a treat.


A Parti-Color Cocker Spaniel

Maybe hold back on the eyeliner next time.


A Terrier

This is the best hairdo Madison Square Garden has seen since Iman Shumpert and the Knicks played there on Sunday.



This Italian Spinoni looks quite comfortable.



Organizers of the event claim that it is America's second oldest sporting competition, after the Kentucky Derby.


Gch Mt. View's Ripsortersilvercharm

This German Wirehaired Pointer's name is Gch Mt. View's Ripsortersilvercharm. Try saying that three times.



Another shot of the Italian Spinoni, this time being a downright diva.



OK, "Poofy" isn't this dog's real name, but it looks like it should be.


The Dog Days Of February

As could be expected, there was lots of snoozing going on in Madison Square Garden.



Everyone dresses up for the big day.



It's hard to tell where this dog starts and where it ends.


Toy Dog

This canine looks ready to go.


Toy Dog

This little guy looks straight out of a Star Wars movie.



"Can someone please get me a bone?"



This A.S.C.O.B Cocker Spaniel doubles as a rug.

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