By Megan Taylor Morrison
The Active Times

On a sunny Saturday some years ago, my 8-year-old self poured a bowl of cereal, sat down in front of the television and stumbled upon an odd sight while clicking through channels: A man jumping around in a tight, sparkly leotard and yelling at me to do the same.

"Who is this guy?" I asked my mom.

"That's Richard Simmons!" She replied. And I never forgot him.

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The Get Fit Guide For 2013

The best fitness icons are those that make an impression on us -- they're so fit, flamboyant or enthusiastic that you can't help but tune in...even if it's more for entertainment than a workout. I must have gone through several bowls of cereal before I finally moved onto my regular cartoons.

While this was my experience as a Generation Y, every era has had its eye-catching and sweat-inspiring fitness gurus. This slideshow is our tribute to the fittest and most inspiring celebrities who have done their part to whip the masses into shape.

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