Craig Sager got some serious ribbing from Kevin Garnett for his All-Star Game attire, and deservedly so. The dude's duds are whack.

Garnett and Sager actually have a history, but it seems like the more KG disses Sager, the more ridiculous Sager's outfits become.

Here's a look at the best of Sager's worst during the past decade.

Craig Sager's Worst Outfits Slideshow


Team Teal

As it turns out, Sager's All-Star Game getup was only his second worst outfit of the weekend.


Playoff Wear

Some players raise their game for the postseason. Sager's wardrobe game, however, stays the same.


Pretty In Pink

With all these bright outfits, does Sager have to wear sunglasses when he looks through his closet?


Red Hot

Sager fit in perfectly in Miami with this flashy number.


Feeling Blue?

Sager auditions for the role of the blueberry in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory."


Tables Turned

This is the rare moment in which Sager's sportcoat is only the second most ridiculous blazer in the photo.


Think Pink

Sager tends to bring his A-game to the All-Star Game. Here he is in Dallas in 2010.


Holiday Themed

Here Sager looks like a tree. Maybe he should combine this outfit with his "ornament" getup from All-Star weekend.


Thanksgiving Special

If you can decipher this sport coat, please fill us in.


Will You Be My Valentine?

This outfit was on the receiving end of a memorable Kevin Garnett rant.


Going Green

Let's hope Sager wore the off-green jacket to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Because we can't think of another reason to don this coat.


Rolling the Dice

OK, we'll give it to Sager here. This suit is fitting for Las Vegas.

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