Ray Lewis has a truckload of accolades, and they will surely be recited -- Super Bowl MVP, seven-time first team All-Pro -- in the aftermath of his retirement announcement Wednesday. But Lewis was about much more than strictly accomplishment. He crackled with an intensity that made his name synonymous with any superlative relating to heart, focus and dedication. Lewis was the 26th overall selection of the 1996 NFL draft in a class that featured top-10 busts such as Lawrence Phillips and Rickey Dudley. He outlasted all his draft peers and became the sole member of the 40-30-20 club with career totals of 41.5 sacks, 31 interceptions and 20 fumble recoveries. Again, numbers can't really quantify the Ray Lewis Effect, so in honor of his jersey number, here are 52 attempts to capture that spirit:

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