Ray Lewis has a truckload of accolades, and they will surely be recited -- Super Bowl MVP, seven-time first team All-Pro -- in the aftermath of his retirement announcement Wednesday. But Lewis was about much more than strictly accomplishment. He crackled with an intensity that made his name synonymous with any superlative relating to heart, focus and dedication. Lewis was the 26th overall selection of the 1996 NFL draft in a class that featured top-10 busts such as Lawrence Phillips and Rickey Dudley. He outlasted all his draft peers and became the sole member of the 40-30-20 club with career totals of 41.5 sacks, 31 interceptions and 20 fumble recoveries. Again, numbers can't really quantify the Ray Lewis Effect, so in honor of his jersey number, here are 52 attempts to capture that spirit:

Ray Lewis Through The Years: A Slideshow Slideshow


Ray Lewis: Ultimate Motivator

Lewis sets the tone for this game against the Chargers in 2006.


Lewis As A Miami Hurricane

Lewis was Baltimore's second selection in the first round of the 1996 draft. The Ravens also snagged offensive lineman Jonathan Odgen at fourth overall. Nice year.


Ray The Rookie

Lewis exorts the fans before a game against the Bengals in 1996.


Putting Brakes On The Bus

Lewis pulls down Jerome Bettis in 1997.


New Digs

In 1998 the Ravens move to their new home, now known as M&T Bank Stadium, after playing their first two seasons in Baltimore at Memorial Stadium.


Sack Attack

Lewis dumps Chiefs quarterback (and future Ravens teammate) Elvis Grbac for a loss.


First Step

Lewis gets into game mode before the home opener of the 2000 season that culminates with a Super Bowl championship.


Tag Team

Lewis and Rob Burnett upend Ryan Leaf of the Chargers late in the 2000 season.


Postseason Milestone

Lewis celebrates a 21-3 win against the Broncos. It is the Ravens' first playoff victory.


The Closer

Lewis' 50-yard interception return for a touchdown caps the Ravens' 24-10 divisional playoff win in Tennessee.


Celebrating In Nashville

The win against the Titans puts Lewis in a great mood and the Ravens just one step from the Super Bowl.


Into The Black Hole

The Ravens face the Raiders in Oakland for the AFC championship on Jan. 14, 2001.


AFC Champs

Lewis savors the conference championship with Peter Boulware and Jamie Sharper moments after beating the Raiders.


Time To Dominate

Lewis gets amped up during introductions shortly before he and the Ravens put the kibosh on the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa.


That Championship Feeling

The Ravens hold the Giants to two rushing first downs in a 34-7 romp on Jan. 29, 2001.


Print It: We're The Champs!

Lewis soaks in that magical moment on the biggest stage.


Super Bowl MVP

Lewis is the first linebacker to win this award since Chuck Howley of the Cowboys in Super Bowl V.


Dancing With Art

At the championship celebration in Baltimore, Lewis encourages owner Art Modell to show his moves.


The Vertical Game

Lewis congratulates Rod Woodson for a big interception against the Titans in 2001.


Shake It

Lewis helps Baltimore's finest celebrate a shutout against the Bengals in 2001.


The 12th Man

Injuries, like this one in 2002, can't prevent Lewis from pushing his teammates toward greatness.


Sky's The Limit

Lewis finds inspiration from the heavens before this game in 2003 against Pittsburgh.


Stuff It

Lewis stops Matt Hasselbeck of Seattle on fourth down in the fourth quarter in 2003. The Ravens win it in overtime.


Prime Time

Lewis showcases his signature pregame ritual for the Monday Night Football audience in 2004.


Mutual Respect

Lewis hugs it out with Peyton Manning after a loss in Indianapolis in 2004.



Lewis waves the colors on 9/11 in 2005.


'Cane Connection

Lewis puts the pop on fellow Miami alum Edgerrin James.


High Stepping

Lewis kicks it up a notch against the Browns in 2005.


Feel The Power

The Ravens open the 2006 season with a 27-0 win in Tampa.


Getting Revved Up

Lewis is ready to rock the Steelers in 2006.


Pioneering Steps

Lewis was an innovator when it came to dialing up the pregame intensity.


The Eyes Have It

The rockets' red glare has nothing on these guys.


Follow Me

Lewis shouts at the fans before the Ravens face the Colts in a playoff game in January 2007.


Counter Attack

Lewis reacts to an audible by Tom Brady with a signal of his own.



Lewis executes a strip sack against Dolphins quarterback Cleo Lemon in 2007.


A Real Firebreather

Lewis launches the 2008 season in Baltimore before this game against the Bengals.


The One-Two Punch

Lewis and Ed Reed discuss strategy during a win against the Browns in 2008.



Lewis comes up with a fumble recovery against the Jaguars in 2008.


Back In Miami

Lewis celebrates a playoff road win against the Dolphins on Jan. 4, 2009.


Moving On

For the second time, the Ravens advance to the AFC title game at the expense of the Titans.


Back In The Title Game

Lewis forces a fumble by Steelers running back Willie Parker in the AFC championship game that Pittsburgh ends up winning 23-14.


Signature Stop

Lewis preserves a win by spearing through the line and slamming Chargers running back Darren Sproles in the backfield on fourth down in 2009.


Calm Before The Storm

Lewis meditates in the moments before a game against Cincinnati.


Best Vs. Best

Lewis go head-on with Adrian Peterson in 2009.


Making History

The Patriots' first home playoff loss in the Bill Belichick era comes in a 33-14 setback to Lewis and the Ravens on Jan. 10, 2010.


Paint It Black

Lewis adds a theatrical touch to his look in 2010.


Keller Killer

Dustin Keller of the Jets makes the mistake of coming across the middle during Lewis' shift early in 2010 season. For the full effect, check out this video clip.


Brother In Arms

Lewis and Terrell Suggs find a unique way to celebrate a playoff win at Kansas City in January 2011.


Pretty (Tough) In Pink

Lewis hits the field before the Ravens host the Jets in 2011.


Rivalry Renewed

Winning in Pittsburgh is always extra special.



Lewis gives the Texans the evil eye before a playoff game in January 2012.


Remembering The Man

For the first time since the passing of former owner Art Modell, Lewis and the Ravens play with patches in his honor on Sept. 23, 2012 -- and beat the Patriots.

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