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Jetting off this year? Good! But remember, where you touch down affects more than your next Facebook album -- in fact, your travels can have a dramatic effect on the local economy. If you want to spend your hard-earned dough in countries that have values mirroring your own, look no further than this year's installment of Berkley-based non-profit Ethical Traveler, which judges developing nations based on social welfare programs, environmental protection efforts and human rights records.

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Slideshow: Most Ethical Travel Destinations

In the slideshow, you'll find this year's top 10 nations to visit -- in alphabetical (not merit-based) order.
The good news: The same sports-psychology tips that help the pros can work for weekend warriors, too. Walker offers a few suggestions below.

Most Ethical Travel Destinations For 2013 Slideshow


Costa Rica

Chosen for: Dramatic drop in crime rates, outstanding social welfare policies and being, overall, a very happy place (Costa Rica was chosen as Happiest Country by the Happy Planet Index of the New Economics Foundation).



Chosen for: Proactive environmental policies aimed at reducing natural degradation and a peaceful transition of power to a president known for his interest in the underprivileged and the environment.



Chosen for: Dedication to environmental protection and social welfare.



Chosen for: Improvements in human development, including property rights, monetary freedom and management of government spending, emphasis on “greening their economies and implementing sustainable development programs” and spotlighting responsible tourism.



Chosen for: Greening their economies, sustainable development and environmental regard.

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