Raiders fans will never forget it. During the 2001 AFC championship game, New England quarterback Tom Brady dropped back to pass and was leveled from behind by Oakland cornerback Charles Woodson. The ball came loose, the Raiders recovered, and the game appeared to be over. That is, until an obscure NFL rule -- now known to almost every football fan as the "Brady Tuck Rule" -- overturned the fumble call and awarded the ball back to the Patriots, who went on to win not only the game, but that year's Super Bowl. (Oh yeah, and they launched a dynasty in the process.) From clutch catches to fourth-quarter comebacks, find out what Men’s Health ranked as the The 50 Greatest NFL Moments of All-Time.

No matter how much football you watch, you'd be forgiven if the intricacies of the NFL rulebook still surprise -- or infuriate -- you. As a former referee and Vice President of NFL Officiating, Fox Sports Rules Analyst Mike Pereira not only helped write the rules, but he fields questions every day from his 100,000+ (often-confused) Twitter followers.

Here, he breaks down the 10 most misunderstood NFL rules.

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