These videos may only be a few minutes, but we can guarantee that they took days and often weeks to film. Thanks to these talented athletes, we have a better idea of what is possible with a ball and a little bit of creativity.

And these videos aren't just for show. They can pay off big time... as in, a tryout with the New York Jets.

The Year's Best Trick Shots Slideshow



Havard Rugland, an excellent kicker from Norway, put together an impressive array of kicks. The video was so good that it scored Rugland a tryout with the Jets.


All Hail Prince James?

While his father, King James, has been having a spectacular year, LeBron Jr. isn't doing too bad either. The eight-year-old recently nailed this incredible shot from the balcony of a home.


Making A Racquet

Ah, the rare racquetball trick shot video. Ben Croft, one of the world's top players, gets pretty creative in this short compilation.


Kyle Gets Buckets

Continuing a fun tradition from his days at Duke, Detroit Pistons forward Kyle Singler took his trick shot tendencies to the Motor City.


Ricky Rubio Behind-The-Back

The quality of this video is poor, but the quality of the shot is anything but. After tearing his ACL earlier this year, the Minnesota Timberwolves point guard had some time to kill, and he perfected this behind-the-back dandy from a chair.


Creative Kicking

Lassi Hurskainen followed up his incredibly popular kicking trick shot video with another one, this time from his native Finland. The former UNC-Asheville goalie showed off his leg at the grocery store and in a forest with Santa.


Ping Pong Kid

Hey may not be the youngest or the smallest person on this list (that honor goes to LBJ Jr.), but Tom Spicer is not short on talent. The 9-year-old from Australia released this ping pong trick shot video earlier this year, and it is excellent.


Spit And Strike Shot

British golfer Gary Evans has perfected this stroke, in which he juggles the ball into his mouth, spits it out and whacks it.


Dude Perfect

This slideshow wouldn't be complete without an entry from the ultimate trick shot artists, Dude Perfect. In this video, Tyler Toney nails a basketball off of a tee and into a hoop more than 100 feet away.


Celebrity Shots

Brothers Nick and Jack Packard got some help from Hollywood's funniest in this hilarious bowling trick shot video.

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