NBA stars found an intriguing way to make spectacles of themselves and gave us the Sports Fashion Trend of 2012: Geek-chic glasses.

Or should we say, geek-chic eyewear, since lenses are strictly optional.

Apparently it's all about using thick-rimmed frames as an accessory.

It didn't hurt that the NBA Finals featured four of the more prominent proponents of this look: Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant of the Thunder, and Dwyane Wade and LeBron James of the Heat.

Here's a look at the stars getting Urkel with it:

Sports Style Trend Of 2012: Geek-Chic Glasses Slideshow


Russell Westbrook

As you will see, Westbrook has plenty of options.


Wade And James

Working the look in tandem.


Kevin Durant

The Thunder star sometimes accentuates the look by also sporting a backpack.


Dwyane Wade

Wade might have the first to try this look, thanks to a suggestion from his stylist.


LeBron James

When a global icon like LeBron follows, the movement will have some legs.


Andre Iguodala

Iguodala has shown his fashion chops by modeling a suit for GQ.


Russell Westbrook

Another from the Westbrook collection.


Jeremy Lin

The Harvard man is a trendsetter.


Amar'e Stoudemire

Stoudemire is a regular at Fashion Week in New York.


Westbrook And Durant

It was always a guessing game on which frames these guys would sport in their press conferences during the playoffs.


Carmelo Anthony

Anthony is a fashion buff who considers "rag & bone" to be one of his favorite lines.


Russell Westbrook

What's his budget for eyewear?


Dwight Howard

The Clark Kent look fits right into his Superman persona.


Baron Davis

With his various film interests, perhaps Davis can bring the look to the entertainment world.


Trent Richardson

Is the trend spreading beyond the NBA? Here's the Browns running back rocking the look at the NFL draft.


Von Miller

The Broncos sackmaster is another NFL star known for sporting this fashion.

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