Hector (Macho) Camacho, who died Saturday four days after being shot, had 88 professional bouts. Some were against the big names in the business. Here are some of his notable encounters.

Hector Camacho's Battles Vs. All-Time Greats Slideshow


Sugar Ray Leonard

In 1997, Leonard's final comeback at age 40 ended with a fifth-round knockout loss to Camacho.


Oscar De La Hoya

Camacho's last title fight came in 1997 when he was 35 against welterweight champion Oscar De La Hoya, who earned a lopsided decision.


Roberto Duran

Duran was way past his prime when Camacho won decisions against him in 1996 and 2001.


Felix Trinidad

Trinidad scored a unanimous decision against Camacho in 1994 in Las Vegas.


Vinny Pazienza

Camacho beat The Pazmanian Devil by unanimous decision in 1990 in Atlantic City.


Julio Cesar Chavez

Camacho dropped a unanimous decision going for the WBC light-welterweight title in 1992.


Ray Mancini

In 1989, Camacho got a split-decision win over Boom Boom in Reno.

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