For those who missed it, the folks over at USA Today recently completed an excellent and exhaustive review of the coaching contracts for the 124 FBS head coaches and their nearly 1,000 assistants. Here's the entire database.

As part of their research, the reporters and editors noticed that some high profile coaches had interesting quirks in their contracts. Many of them are significant bonuses for big wins, but some involve golf and one of them is related to a local supermarket.

To see the complete list, click here.

College Football Coaches' Contract Quirks Slideshow


Mack Brown (Texas)

You may not know that in addition to making more than $5 million as the coach of the Longhorns, Brown made $60,000 as the chairman of the board for the University of Texas Golf Club. His contract also included a $750 gift card to McBride's Guns in Austin.


Gary Pinkel (Missouri)

Pinkel's 2011 DWI arrest cost him some serious dough. He was due for $50,000 in increases in endorsements and TV, radio and public appearances, but that pay was frozen for the year because of the arrest.


Urban Meyer (Ohio State)

The supermarket chain Kroger paid Meyer $50,000 in outside income, made a $60,000 donation to Meyer's foundation and set aside a $55,000 discretionary fund "for use on mutually agreed upon events." The leftovers from that fund will go to Meyer's foundation. As if he needed any more incentive to shop at Kroger, Meyer's contract says that he and his family will "consider Kroger their supermarket of choice."


Steve Spurrier (South Carolina)

The Head Ball Coach's golf game appears to be as sharp as his tongue. He reported more than $10,000 in golf-related income and told USA Today that he is compensated for participating in the American Century Championship golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. He finished 40th out of 82 golfers at the 2012 tournament in July and received $3,260 in prize money.


Mike Riley (Oregon State)

Riley will get 25 percent of all revenue from season-ticket sales over 23,000. His success at Oregon State has paid off, as season-ticket sales hit an all-time high of 26,952 in 2010.


Rich Ellerson (Army)

In years where Army beats either Navy or Air Force, Ellerson gets an extra $50,000. If Army beats both teams, he gets $150,000. Ellerson is already in line for a $50,000 bonus after beating Air Force earlier this year. If the Cadets can pull off the upset of Navy, Ellerson's bonus triples.


Bill Snyder (Kansas State)

Because you do need a vehicle if you want to live in this Manhattan, Kansas State provides its football, men's and women's basketball and volleyball coaches with a car. They also get a $10,000 annual vehicle stipend and a $4,000 annual insurance stipend. On top of all that, Snyder is awarded full membership to the Manhattan Country Club.


Steve Sarkisian (Washington)

Sarkisian has always been a family man. One of seven children himself, Sarkisian is married with three kids. As part of Sark's contract, the university covers his family's travels to all away football games, all postseason events in which the football team participates and two additional business-related trips each fiscal year if he so elects.


Norm Chow (Hawaii)

The incentives for Chow come in the form of victories on national television. He gets $25,000 extra for each home game win on national TV and $40,000 for each road triumph. Unfortunately for Chow, he is 0-6 on national television this year.


Jeff Tedford (formerly of Cal)

Ironically, Tedford was rewarded for several milestones during a season in which his team's poor play got him fired. He was awarded a pair of $150,000 bonuses: for being the coach when the team fully occupied the Simpson High Performance Center, and for being the coach when the team played its first home game in renovated Memorial Stadium.

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