The Giants' 2012 World Series championship will be remembered for battling back from the brink in the two National League playoff series, lights-out pitching and Romo Bombs.

Reliever Sergio Romo developed a cult following for his video and photo bombs of teammates and media.

While Romo created some history of his own by striking out Miguel Cabrera to end the World Series, we imagine how he might have bombed certain great moments in sports.

As the Giants gear up for their victory parade Wednesday in San Francisco, here is Romo's march through some of sports' magical moments:

Sergio Romo Photo-Bombs Sports History Slideshow


Brandi Chastain

Perhaps the shirtless bomb is coming next season.


Steve Bartman

Was the unfortunate Cubs fan pushed from behind?


David Tyree

Romo knows all about big wins for the Giants.


Usain Bolt

These two happy guys can share their dance moves.


Ian Johnson

Romo could always step in as the best man.


Eddie Gaedel

Romo can sniff out great photo opps, and Bill Veeck's stunt with the midget might have the best in MLB history.


J.T. Snow/Darren Baker

If Snow hadn't pulled Dusty Baker's kid out of the way, maybe Romo could have.


1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team

Do you believe in Romo Bombs?


Carlton Fisk

Romo helps the Red Sox catcher wave the ball fair in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series.


Bobby Orr

Man flies. Romo has a front row seat.

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