Face it. Certain athletes just look scarier than others.

In some instances a mean demeanor is the product of a missing tooth (Jack Lambert), and other times it is the result of years of intimidation (Kevin Garnett).

Whatever the reason, these athletes have some crazy countenances. If you wore any of these faces as a mask on Halloween, you probably would not be allowed to enter an elementary school.

Scariest Athlete Faces Slideshow


Jack Lambert

One of the most dominating linebackers of his era, Lambert may have been the face of the Steel Curtain. The Steel Curtain was never pretty.


Kevin Garnett

KG takes intimidation seriously. Even when he's injured, Garnett makes his presence known from the bench. There's a reason that, in a league known for trash talkers, Garnett is No. 1.


Mike Tyson

Iron Mike was a master of intimidation, and he knew exactly how to get into opponents' heads with looks like these. In the case of this mask, Tyson's face tattoo would be sold separately.


Mike Singletary

First as a stalwart linebacker for the Chicago Bears and later as a fearless coach, Singletary has never been short on intensity.


Mike Ricci

Ricci's face would make a great costume, but it would be an even better Jack-O-Lantern.


Kimbo Slice

Slice's beard, which qualifies as the best facial hair this side of James Harden, makes him one of the most recognizable fighters.


Chris Anderson

The Birdman has the best costume in all of sports. His body is an easel overflowing with color.


John Chaney

The legendary Temple basketball coach was known for his unique facial expressions, and he even perfected what he called his "one-eyed-jack" stare.


Jon Gruden

Two masks for the price of one. This disguise doubles as Jon Gruden and "Chucky."


Randy Johnson

With his hair flowing and his mustache raging, the 6-foot-10 Johnson was a nightmare for opposing batters.


Clay Matthews

Middle linebackers are known for their intense demeanor, but Matthews takes it to a whole new level. There's something about seeing him darting around the field with his beautiful hair flying around in the wind that is just a little spooky. And yes, the mane is included in the mask.


Ray Lewis

Speaking of middle linebackers, Ray Lewis is as scary as they come. The man is incredibly determined, and he has been a force on the field for the better part of two decades. Although he'll be out for a majority of this year with a torn triceps, he's another guy who will help his team simply by being in the locker room.

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