Determining the stadium that offers the greatest home field advantage in the NFL is clearly a subjective exercise. Is it a matter of volume? Intensity? Weather? Or is it strictly an analysis of the gap in winning percentage between home and road games?

Whatever the case, it seems that certain teams usually find themselves on the short list of such rankings, even if they never claim the top spot. Here's a look at some of the perennials:

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CenturyLink Field: Seattle Seahawks

Harvard Sports Analysis gave the nod to Seattle through its mathematical formula involving scoring differentials from home and road games. Additionally, CenturyLink is commonly referred to as the loudest stadium in the NFL. Just ask the New York Giants about the 11 false starts they had in 2005.


M&T Bank Stadium: Baltimore Ravens

ESPN determined the Ravens have the biggest home field advantage, based on the team's differential between home and road winning percentage. Since 2002, the home-away gap for Baltimore is more than 35 percent -- the highest in the NFL. (No other team cracked 30 percent.)


Lambeau Field: Green Bay Packers did its all-time rankings a few years ago and named Lambeau No. 1. (Interesting to note that the stadiums placing second and third -- Mile High Stadium in Denver and Memorial Stadium in Baltimore -- are defunct.) Aside from fan intensity, Green Bay has a huge weapon with the cold weather.


Superdome: New Orleans Saints

National Football Post analyzed the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons, factoring overall home records with home records against the spread. The Packers ranked first, but the Saints were second. The team's scoring average of 41.5 points at the Superdome last season didn't hurt.


Heinz Field: Pittsburgh Steelers declared the Steelers the winner in its 2012 rankings, and ESPN ranked it No. 4. There will always be those famous (or infamous) Terrible Towels waving around to go with all of the noise that Steeler fans make.


Sports Authority Field: Denver Broncos

By nearly universal opinion, this place isn't quite as intimidating as the original Mile High Stadium, but between the altitude and the fan fervor, it is still a perennial contender.


Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium routinely places among the top five biggest home field advantages. The Chiefs haven't played in the Super Bowl since January 1970, but intense fan support on game day hasn't been the issue.

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