There's no shortage of adorable Halloween costumes for infants, but recently one delightful trend has emerged that is bound to put a smile on your face.

During the past few years, several parents have dressed their babies up as notable college football coaches for Halloween. And each costume, it seems, is cuter than the next.

The Cutest Sports-Themed Halloween Trend: Infants Dressed As College Football Coaches Slideshow


Dana Holgorsen

Twitter user John Allevato recently posted this photo of a child dressed like West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen, and it has exploded across the Internet. Whoever dressed this child absolutely nailed Holgorsen's signature slicked-back hair. All this kid needs is a Red Bull, er, juice box.


Derek Dooley

This is a costume from last year, and despite some critics saying this child looks more like Florida coach Will Muschamp than Dooley, it's still an excellent attempt. The combover is superb, plus the headset and carrier case are spot on. Probably not as cool for this kid as, say, being Buzz Lightyear would be, but hilarious nevertheless.


Joe Paterno

Paterno had the most unique appearance of any of these coaches, with the trademark thick-rimmed glasses, tie and rolled-up pants. All this baby is missing is a touch of gray in his hair.


Mark Mangino

This is probably the best of the four costumes. Simple but brilliant. While the former Kansas coaach's considerable girth is hard to match by any toddler, this little guy perfectly pulls off the double chin, mustache and smile.

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