Just in time for Halloween, here's a look at stars with signature candy products (like the Reggie Bar) and sweet-tooth fixations (like Derrick Rose and Skittles).

Some of the namesake candies were created for charitable purposes while others were entrepreneurial, but for the most part, they didn't have much staying power. (Maria Sharapova's new line just came out this summer, so it still has a chance to make it over the long haul.) If you manage to bag some of these classics while trick-or-treating, feel free to let us know.

Athletes' Sweet Connections To Candy Slideshow


Maria Sharapova

The Sugarpova line of candy, with 12 varieties including gummies, licorice and gumballs, hit the market in August.


Reggie Jackson

Before joining the Yankees, Reggie had said,"If I played in New York, they'd name a candy bar after me." After hitting three home runs in the clinching game of the 1977 World Series, that became a reality.


Babe Ruth

The Baby Ruth bar that is still on the market today was supposedly named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter Ruth. Or at least that is the story pushed by the candy's producer, who fought against the Ruth Home Run bar pictured here.


Shaquille O'Neal

A Shaq Snaq? Oh, the wit.


Muhammad Ali

Not every day you see "partially defatted" on the ingredients lists.


Pete Rose

Vitamins and Minerals and ... High Fructose Corn Syrup as the leading ingredient?


Isiah Thomas

Does eating this bar leave a real mess?


Ken Griffey Jr.

Junior was such a phenom that this bar was introduced in 1989 when he was a 19-year-old rookie with the Mariners.


Mike Mussina

Chocolate. Moose. Chocolate moose. Perfect together.


Doug Gilmour

Killer was so popular that he could launch his bar six years after retiring from the NHL.


Chipper Jones

The Chipper bar was modeled after the Nestle Crunch. It was introduced in 1997, two years before Jones won his only MVP award.


Fred Smoot

The candy business didn't quite pan out for Smoot, who then turned his attention to bringing a Waffle House to Washington D.C.


Carmelo Anthony

This bar was sold for charity during Anthony's days as a Denver Nugget.


Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The Big Mo' chocolate bar came in two varieties: Creamy caramel and peanut butter.


Mario Andretti

The auto racing legend is better known for his Napa Valley vineyard these days.


Lamar Odom

The versatile NBA veteran went public a few years ago with his addiction to candy.



Skittles has three big athlete fans in Derrick Rose (his own vending machine), Dwight Howard (a themed pinball machine) and Marshawn Lynch (cleats designed in tribute to the candy).


Joe Bryant

So why is Kobe's dad on this list? Did you know his nickname was "Jellybean"?

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