It is only fitting that after an unforgettable year for Venezuelan players -- a campaign that included Felix Hernadez's perfect game, Johan Santana's no-hitter and Miguel Cabrera's Triple Crown -- the 2012 World Series will be a showcase of the best that the baseball-crazed nation has to offer.

According to the country's embassy, a record nine Venezuelans will be participating in this year's Fall Classic. There are four Venezuelans on the Detroit Tigers' roster (Cabrera, Aníbal Sánchez, Avisail García and Omar Infante) while the San Francisco Giants have five (Scutaro, José Mijares, Pablo Sandoval, Gregor Blanco and Héctor Sánchez).

“It’s a product of the turn that the big-league organizations have made toward Latin America and Venezuela in particular," Humberto Acosta, a Venezuelan radio show host and columnist told the New York Times, "because this is a baseball country.”

Among foreign-born players, Venezuelans are the second largest grouping. Only Dominicans make up a larger portion of baseball players. But before this year, the most Venezuelans to play in the World Series was four, when Cabrera, Ugeth Urbina, Alex González and Juan Rivera played in the 2003 Series.

And not only are there a record number of Venezuelans in the Giants-Tigers series, it's likely that neither team would be in this position without the contributions of Cabrera, Scutaro and their countrymen.

With a population of 29 million, Venezuela is smaller than California, which has 37 million and also nine natives in the World Series.

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