Soccer star Alex Morgan has no accessorizing issues.

Why not? Because everything looks stunning with an Olympic gold medal.

Morgan not only has one of these after helping the U.S. win the championship in London, but she also never leaves home without it being in her purse.

"People joke because every time I tweet a picture or Instagram a picture, I'm with it," Morgan told BuzzFeed. "But really when I meet really cool people or celebrities, I just happen to be wearing it."

But she did add: "I'm in love with it."

Here's a look at Morgan and her gold at various functions:

Olympic Soccer Champ Alex Morgan's Accessorizing Secret Slideshow


Alex Morgan

The look that never fails.


Alex Morgan

Morgan meets Jessica Menzhuber and Ashlan Gorse of E! News.


Alex Morgan

Morgan on the set of "Access Hollywood."


Alex Morgan

Morgan poses at a presentation for Veronica Beard.


Alex Morgan

Morgan meets actor Billy Crudup.

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Of course, Morgan doesn't need the gold medal to look good:

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