Last year we dug up 12 hilarious old baseball cards that made us laugh for a variety of reasons: ridiculously named players, subtle vulgarity hidden in the photos, astonishingly ugly dudes. And since there are no shortage of baseball cards to choose from, we decided to come up with another batch this year.

We found more silly names and ugly dudes, but this time around we also uncovered sombreros, Zack-Morris cell phones, and a joke that was funny to everyone except fans of the Chicago Bulls.

Hilarious Throwback Baseball Cards


Steve Trout

"Aw Skip, I don't wanna pitch tonight -- Van Halen is in town!"


Rex Hudler

Boy, Rex really didn’t feel like playing that day.


Oscar Gamble

Few people realized Gamble was completely bald on top.


Willie McGee

Looks like Willie just caught a whiff of Pedro Guerrero's game-worn jock strap.


Greg Minton

We actually kind of dig the Elvis glasses, but are those caps on his teeth? Baba Booey! Baba Booey!


Don Rossi

Eat your heart out, Jamie Moyer -- Don Mossi apparently pitched until he was 73 years old.


Brian Harper

If you ever wondered who Zack Morris was on the phone with on "Saved by the Bell," now you know.


Randy McCament

Nice try, "Randy McCament" -- we know you're just Greg Minton without the Elvis glasses.


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