For one week each year, Los Angeles puts aside the talk of movies and television production to focus on the world of sports. ESPYs Week is replete with red carpet galas and its own glitzy Oscars-like presentation. The highlight of this year's pre-event calendar was the Fifth Bridge Celebrity Party at the Playboy Mansion.

More than 600 guests filled the famous grounds in Hef's backyard for food, drink and a silent auction that stretched the length of its world-famous pool.

“Every year this is one of the most requested parties to attend by the athletes and celebrities in town for the ESPY Awards,” said Steve Webster, president and CEO of CMPR. “The allure of the Playboy Mansion and all of the attending athletes really make this one of the most special events every summer.”

During ESPYs Week, the Mansion is where celebrity meets athlete. Jamie Foxx, Chris Harrison, Mekhi Phifer and Jeff Ross joined Vince Young, DeSean Jackson, Trent Richardson, Josh Freeman, Dhani Jones and countless others as they danced until 2 a.m.

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