Before LeBron James, Freddy Adu, Michelle Wie and Bryce Harper made their marks as teenage phenoms, Jennifer Capriati burst onto the tennis scene as a 13-year-old. Capriati arrived as the future of American women's tennis, an über-teen ready to battle the likes of superstars Steffi Graf and Monica Seles. She was poised to replace the American throne that had been Chris Evert's and developed a large fan base at a young age.

The front and back ends of Capriati's careers featured ups, but the middle endured one of the ugliest falls to grace of any American athlete. Capriati's career is a story of rising up, getting knocked down and rising up again. This past week, Capriati's career took rose up to its apex, as she was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Here is a year-by-year timeline of the career of Jennifer Capriati:

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