By Nicholas Pell

The man cave tends to be a place where your inner teenager comes out to play with your adult income. But there are alternatives to throwing down a couch, mounting some jerseys and filling a mini-fridge with beer on game day. A spare room can be both a place of personal solace and one where you do some of the things that make being a man truly, truly awesome. These nine approaches will make yours the envy of your cave-dwelling friends.

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Build an adult version of a game room with a craps table, blackjack table and roulette wheel. And play for, umm ... jelly beans. Of course.



Bring the manly art of brewing to your home. You'll be the envy of all your friends when you drop by the BBQ bearing a case of booze with your face on it.



Why reinvent the wheel? Just do what your old man did. Spend your free time tinkering with cool stuff or just ogling a wall full of Craftsman tools.



The intellectual fellow will want some brown leather couches, shelves of old books and a fleet of ships in bottles for his spare room.

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