Gentlemen, just because you're going to the beach doesn't mean you can get away with an utterly uninspired daily combo of board shorts and undershirts. Whether you're jet setting with your significant other or hoping to find one on your travels, why not put a little effort into your warm weather look? We promise you she'll appreciate it.

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On The Plane

Just because you're sitting in coach doesn't mean you need to look like you're going home after your first year of college. Everyone (even men) can get chilly on planes, so layering is key. Try a patterned hoodie in an oceanic hue over a neutral tee and khakis or your softest -- but not holeyest -- jeans. We love this striped burnout hoodie from Billabong.


The Perfect Tee

OK, so you've been a slave to the gym all spring in anticipation of your beach trip. We hate to break it to you, but you can't go shirtless everywhere. Whether you're migrating from your hotel room to the pool or from the tiki bar to the buffet, you'll need a breathable tee that goes with your swim trunks, favorite lounge shorts and jeans. Try this v-neck from Alternative Apparel in a range of neutral hues.


The Short List

If you're feeling alone in your confusion over shorts, don't. Shorts pose problems for every guy who's stylish enough to stay away from cargos but perhaps not built like Brad Pitt. Most beach vacations will call for something a step up from swim trunks and a step down from slacks, so take this advice from, "Avoid anything with cargo pockets or other details that will visually bulk you up. Instead, select a pair with a classic flat-front cut that skims your body but has some breathing room, falls to your knees, and comes in a neutral color." You really can't go wrong with this pair from Banana Republic, whether you're on the golf course or walking through town in search of duty-free tequila.


Get Colorful

You'll need some color to go with your neutral shorts, and to show the locals you're not some buttoned up city boy. Cobalt blue, shocking green and even shades of purple can wake up your look. The bold and the brave can try this lilac Ralph Lauren polo, paired with your shorts or some slim-fit khakis. Other colors to try (hey, you're on vacation) are cobalt blue, grass green and even a rum punch red.


Reasons to Keep Your Pants On

While we're feeling bold, why not throw some bright pants in the mix to ensure you stand out amongst the crowd of beige and white on the cruise ship? Bold bottoms are best kept for those fortunate enough to be blessed with a lean waistline, so if that's not you, never fear. These sun-faded red Tommy Hilfiger chinos also come in navy and khaki. Pair them with a clean white tee or crisp button-down.


Trunk Time

In the last year or so, vintage-style trunks (think "Moondoggie") began challenging the longer board shorts that have been in style for so long. If your quads are stage- worthy, we say go for it. But for everyone else, there's nothing wrong with sticking to board shorts, as long as you find a contemporary pattern with a bit more edge than those ubiquitous Hawaiian flowers. We love the color options -- and price -- for these trunks from Zara.


Get Shady

Now that your body is covered, it's time for your eyes. Ray-Ban Wayfarers aren't going anywhere anytime soon, and that's OK. They're as timeless a navy suit. But the folks at Details offer a well-edited array of alternatives. Try this pair that combines the trendiness of plastic frames with the timeless shape of aviators.


Mug Shot

Sorry to sound like your mom, but you can't forget sunblock. Nothing is less sexy at dinner after a long day in the surf than a lobster red face. Protect your lovely mug with a nice, non-greasy lotion that keeps the burn, and the oily shine, at bay. This stuff is so good, you'll have to hide it from your girlfriend.


Sole of the Matter

We would never tell you to leave your precious flip flops out behind. But, please, toss in an alternative pair of footwear for cocktails at the resort’s patio bar. GQ is recommending boat shoes this season – but not these aren’t your grandpa’s. Bid farewell to tired plaid, navy or beige and go for scene-stealing stripes or even a shot of neon. This pair from Cole Haan would be welcome on our boat. Not only is the yellow sole unexpected, your feet welcome the Nike Air technology hidden in the shoe.

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There you have it. You won't need anything else this summer but a good time. Now get it together and get out the door.

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