Dad's always been tough to shop for, the kind of guy that always just goes out and gets what he wants when he wants it. But this year is your chance to get him something great that he never would have thought to pick up. Here's our look at the best options to wow, surprise, and yes, laugh at.

ThePostGame's Father's Day Gift Guide Slideshow


BiGR Headphones $149

Want awesome headphones where you can hear other frequencies besides bass (I'm looking at you, Beats)? These are the cans for you. Excellent range from high to low, these BiGR headphones maximize sound and comfort. Plus, you can get them with your favorite MLB team logo. Not sure if Dad wants headphones with a Royals logo on them, but if he does, they're available.


Garmin Forerunner 410 $249

Is your dad constantly on the run? Get it? On the run? Buy him this watch. Super easy to use and fashionable enough to wear every day. This watch will track miles running, swimming and biking. Upload the info directly to your computer and chart your progress. Advanced training that doesn't require advanced tech knowledge. A no-brainer.


Skullhub USB $24.99

Want to convince your dad's co-workers that he is a Bond villain? Done. With four USB 2.0 ports he can be connected to whatever he needs. And as a bonus, the brainpan is hollowed out so he can put whatever he wants inside. Plus, it just looks super awesome (also, terrifying).


Pebble Watch $150

Yes, another watch. But this is the watch of the future. Originally a Kickstarter project, this watch does it all. Dad can link his email, Facebook and Twitter accounts and caller ID all via Bluetooth. This watch is the ultimate in connectivity. You can pre-order one now so he can make all of his friends jealous.


Vapur Anti-Water Bottle $11.99

For the two times your dad goes to the gym this year, make sure he takes this with him. Extremely flexible and light, it folds completely flat when not in use, so he can fit more stuff in his gym bag. It's also made using recycled products, so he can get in on the whole "green" movement.


Portside Flask $30

Dad loves "Mad Men," and is just like Don Draper (minus the charisma and good looks). When he does get his drink on, he can do it out of this classical flask. With a porthole on the side he will know exactly when he needs a refill. Plus it is stainless steel, which is always awesome.


Halo 4 $60

I don't care if your dad has never played a video game before, buy him this game. It doesn't come out until Nov. 6 and everybody is freaking out about it. Expect this game to set the benchmark for all games to come. Plus, if your dad doesn't play it, you can always step in for him. It's really a win-win situation.


Iron Throne $30,000

"What was that honey? Oh, I'm sorry I didn't hear you. I was SITTING ON MY IRON THRONE! This chair might be the greatest thing ever. Sure, it's 30 grand, but it's worth every single penny. And, no matter who buys it, there is no way they could be a worse King then Joffrey. That guy is the worst.


Lombardi and Landry $16.41

There are few things as manly in this world as doing everything in your power to emulate the two greatest professional football coaches of all time. Your dad probably even derived some masterful motivational speech from a famous mantra crafted by one of these two legends. Available via Amazon.

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