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There are two main ways to get a luxury suite, explains Scott Spencer, president of Suite Experience Group. The first is to lease one, which is a considerable commitment of time and money. On the extreme side, the Dallas Cowboys require a 20-year lease agreement for those who want to become suiteholders. The New York Yankees and Madison Square Garden don't require as long a commitment, but they have some of the steepest prices in the industry -- some suites at Yankee Stadium go for over $800,000 per year and the very best suites at Madison Square Garden will set you back over $1 million a year. Suite owners then have access to all events at the stadium, including concerts.

Method two is to use a service such as the aforementioned Suite Experience Group, which provides access to suites on a game-by-game basis. As the following slides will show, prices for those single-event suite experiences can be quite steep indeed. According to Spencer, those prices are set depending on factors such as strength of opponent, day of week (weeknights are in demand for entertaining corporate clients), and location of the suite within the stadium.

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The average football game suite sells for between $15,000-$25,000, depending on the venue, says Spencer, with New York the most expensive market (often much higher than $25,000 per game). For suites at baseball games, the average is $4,000 (but in the New York market: $13,000+ per game). Suites for pro basketball and football also tend to be in the $3,000-$5,000 range for an average game.

So what kind of treatment comes with these prices? "The 'first class' experience starts before you even enter the stadium," says Spencer. "Suites come with premium parking passes that allow you to park right next to the stadium. Most venues have dedicated entrances exclusively for suite ticket holders so they don't have to battle the crowds often found at the general entrance. At Cowboys Stadium, the very best suites grant the owner a parking pass that allows them to park underneath the stadium along with the players; from there, they can ride an elevator directly up to their suite. These suites can sell for as much as $35,000 for a Cowboys game against a top-notch opponent."

The food and beverages on offer can be a step up from the stadium fare, such as sushi at Staples Center, and some newer stadiums have exclusive clubs where suite-dwellers can mingle with each other.

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