Opening Day brings with it the promises of a new year, and more so than the Astros actually still being in the hunt, it means new food at ballparks across the country.

Each season, the chefs at MLB stadiums release menu items that they've been dreaming up over the hot stove, and this Wednesday will not disappoint. You may have already heard about the two-foot long $26 hot dog the Texas Rangers are selling. But that's just one of the many twists on the humble frank that fans can chow down on this year. Food Network, the mouth-watering television channel, is also getting into the concessions business with unique hot dogs for many stadiums this season.

More than a dozen ballparks have created signature nachos, with toppings as varied as pastrami and jerk chicken. Some represent the culture and heritage of the city and its fans. Others, like Oakland's Cholula Kalua nachos, are just going for straight flavor using Hawaiian-style pork.

But stadium chefs have also branched out beyond traditional fare, embracing more specific dietary needs for an evolving fan base. Several parks will over the Sloppy Jane, a vegan twist on the classic sandwich. The filling is a blend of tempeh, peppers, onions, molasses and brown sugar barbecue sauce on a vegan wheat bun.

No matter what you like to fuel up with to cheer your team on, there's something for everyone this year.

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-- Adam Watson is the food czar at ThePostGame. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamKWatson.

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