By Brian Reed

Have you ever watched a baseball game and wondered how those lucky people in the owner's box got there?

Well, there are plenty of answers, and some of them might surprise you.

There is no one proven route to owning a Major League Baseball team.

Sure, it can be easy if the team is passed down to you a la Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, but the wealthiest owners have forged far more interesting paths, beginning with pizza, real estate, trading futures and even billboard advertising.

If you're assuming they are all millionaires, think again. The richest owners in baseball are all billionaires.

With spring training games underway, we thought it was high time to introduce you to them:

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Each of these owners had one essential thing in common: A passion for baseball. But they also became independently wealthy from business outside of baseball, and got involved when they could afford to buy into the league. And they all bring something different to the table.

As the wealthiest MLB owners show, there are endless ways to achieve a childhood dream of making it to the big leagues, especially when the final destination is the owner's box. If you strive to be a top business owner in your industry, whether in sports or elsewhere, keep these success stories in mind as you grow your career.

(Editor's Note: There are other MLB owners whose families have a net worth of $1 billion or more, but for this article, we chose to focus on individual owners. Net worth amounts from

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