Magic Johnson and a group of investors bought the Los Angeles Dodgers, sparking a frenzy over LA's sports hero taking the reins of the city's beloved franchise. Celebrity owners certainly cause a stir, but their influence are results are mixed, at best. Here's a look at eight other big name owners in professional sports.

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LeBron James - Liverpool FC

In 2011, "King James" became a minority stakeholder in England's winningest football club. James was introduced to the club after he signed an agreement with Fenway Sports Group to be the sole marketer of his global rights. FSG just happened to be the owners of LFC, and voila, enter LeBron. He even went to a home match and did some video interviews with Liverpool's official website. Too bad he couldn't help the club score some goals, as Liverpool sits 7th in the table currently.


Mario Lemieux - Pittsburgh Penguins

Super Mario became one of the greatest ever hockey players while he was a member of the Penguins. He stayed loyal to the team even after his career, becoming principal owner and chairman of the board in 1999. It certainly didn't hurt his reputation that he saved the team from bankruptcy with the deal. He is the only person in history to win the Stanley Cup as an owner and player. He probably doesn't have to buy many drinks in Steel City.


Michael Jordan - Charlotte Bobcats

You might have heard of this guy. He may have won a title or two while playing in the Association. In 2010, Jordan became the owner and head of basketball operations for the Bobcats. His magic touch on the court hasn't quite translated to the front office. The team was 34-48 and, as of press time, are 4-30 this season. Yikes.


Elton John - Watford FC

While the flamboyant singer might not look like the most athletic fellow in the world, John has a deep history with the English club. He was appointed chairman and director in 1976 and then sold the club in 1987. He reacquired the team in 1997 and stayed in charge until 2002. He even attended a board meeting dressed from head to toe as Mozart. You know, typical sports stuff. Just guys being guys.


Drew Carey - Seattle Sounders

The television star became part owner of the MLS side in 2009. He can be seen at almost every home game in the owner's box, sporting the Sounders scarf. He is a passionate fan of the US Men's National Team and has attended the last two World Cups to see the team in person. It looks like the price was right after all. See what we did there?


Serena and Venus Williams - Miami Dolphins

Venus and Serena, the tennis superstar sisters, became part owners of the Dolphins in August of 2009. They joined Jimmy Buffett, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony as part owners of the club. What the Dolphins lack in wins they certainly make up for in front office star power.


Usher - Cleveland Cavaliers

The R&B giant became part owner of the Cavs in 2005, looking to cash in on the Lebron-led club. He was part of a group that shelled out $375 million to invest in the organization. Unfortunately for Usher, James left a few years later (you might have heard about that) and the investment doesn't look quite as sexy anymore. The Cavs currently sit at 17-31.


Jay-Z - New Jersey Nets

Jay-Z has been an integral part in making the Nets a viable free agent destination. He is considered to be the driving force in relocating the Nets to Brooklyn, even hosting the press conference when the deal was announced. Expect to see Blue Ivy running the point for the Nets in the next 2-3 years.

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