A highly underrated career just came to an understated end when Mike Cameron announced his retirement, a couple of months after signing a minor league contract with the Nationals. Cameron never was the flashiest player, and his batting averages trended low. But he drew walks, hit for decent power, ran the bases well and played excellent defense in center field, enough to give him 46.7 career wins above replacement, per Baseball-Reference.com.

Cameron also served as one piece of a blockbuster trade. Back in 2000, the Reds dealt Cameron and three other players to the Mariners for a guy by the name of Ken Griffey Jr. Cameron's retirement brought to mind the question of where he might rank among the best players ever traded for a Hall of Famer, once Griffey is inevitably enshrined at Cooperstown in 2016.

The answer is that he'd be close to this top five.

Note: Several trades have involved Hall of Famers on both sides. These players are not included.

Honorable mentions: Sam McDowell (traded for Gaylord Perry), Bobo Newsom (Rick Ferrell), Bob Elliott (Billy Herman), Urban Shocker (Eddie Plank), Tommy Leach (Jack Chesboro).

Could join soon: David Wells (Roger Clemens), Gary Sheffield (Mike Piazza, Trevor Hoffman), David Cone (Jeff Kent).

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