By Colleen Kane

How do you suppose professional athletes earn enough riches to afford mansions like the ones seen here and the getaways pictured here? It's not only their salaries or their prizes, but the endorsement deals, spinoffs and personal brands. For abundant evidence, see the CNBC slideshow Pro Athletes Turned Entrepreneurs.

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Slideshow: Athlete Clothing Lines

While some of these athlete fashion brands are not so well known, one of the following examples was once ubiquitous, one is legendary, and one line of undies is currently modeled by its namesake in a giant ad on the side of a building in midtown Manhattan.

This collection has a good selection of newcomers: Some of them debuted earlier this year, and some are debuting now and in upcoming months. We've got representatives from the worlds of golf, tennis, pro skating, soccer and cycling, as well as some big and tall NBA guys making sure they can go out in a nice suit.

For more athletes with a flair for fashion ...
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complete slideshow on Athlete Clothing Lines.

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