You are sitting in your living room watching the exciting conclusion to the Super Bowl on your new flat screen television. After the Lombardi Trophy is presented, NBC tosses to the season premiere of "The Voice." The game is over, but the player's work is not done yet. They are required to meet the media, whether they are elated by their dramatic victory or dejected by their excruciating loss. takes you inside the interview room and locker room to give fans a taste of what happens behind the scenes, including video of a quick interlude between Tom Brady and Gisele.

Super Bowl XLVI: Behind The Scenes Slideshow


Eli Manning MVP Press Conference

The MVP is in high demand. He is the first to hit the interview room and has by far the largest crowd of reporters.


Rob Gronkowski

Gronk's ankle was the story of the week leading up to the big game. The ankle even had its own Twitter account. What a difference a few days make.


Patriots Interview Room

The losing team's players don't stick around very long. The media scramble to interview the Patriots before they get on the bus.


Justin Tuck

The popular defensive end gets a lot of questions from reporters about winning a Super Bowl in the same state in which he played college football (Notre Dame).


Victor Cruz

The deluge of questions can give anyone that dazed look after a while. Maybe Victor knows how many more reporters will be waiting for him back in the locker room?


Antrel Rolle

For Antrel Rolle, the interview room is a family affair. His adorable son gets lots of cameras snapping.


Tom Brady

Under normal circumstances the losing team gets considerably less attention from the media. The exception to that rule -- Tom Brady. Everyone wanted to hear what the future Hall of Famer had to say about his second Super Bowl loss to the Giants.


Giants Locker Room

It's a festive atmosphere in the Giants locker room as Tom Coughlin works his way through the crowd.


Lombardi Trophy

Members of the military were invited to the Giants locker room to have their picture taken with the Lombardi Trophy.


Victor Cruz, Part 2

After showering and putting on his suit, Victor Cruz was once again surrounded by the press. He answered question for Hispanic media as well as English-speaking media.


Still On The Air

Hours after the game, electronic media are still shooting footage from the field of Lucas Oil Stadium.


Bye-Bye, Indy. Hello, New Orleans.

The lights are about to go out on Lucas Oil Stadium. Super Bowl XLVI is in the books. The city of Indianapolis did a wonderful job hosting the football world. Next year the Super Bowl returns to New Orleans, the site of Tom Brady's first Super Bowl victory.

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