Super Bowl Media Day is a circus of 2,000 journalists trying to ward each other off to interview 70 or so players and coaches at a time. Some media personnel will do whatever it takes to make the interviewees notice them, and this year's edition in Indianapolis was no different.

Super Bowl Media Day Wackiness 2012 Slideshow


Old School

Dressed in a leather helmet and vintage jersey, VH1 reporter Peter Meadows asked as many Patriots as possible which teammate was a real American Patriot. Aaron Hernandez's answer was Tom Brady. Meadows also asked Patriots if they preferred chowder or pizza, and he had many put on a red Patriots hat.


Far East Or Far Out?

Fox Sports Radio personality Vic "The Brick" Jacobs' outfit is hard to decipher. It looks as if Jacobs just got off a direct flight from Mongolia. A fur hat and full-body green robe surrounds a black shirt with Asian characters on it. As for that red thing hanging from his neck ... an Indianapolis Chinese restaurant may be looking for its Chinese New Year's decorations.


Pick's Pick

Then there was Nickelodeon's Pick Boy dressed in a superhero costume with tights, cape and mask. Kids, be sure to catch his breakdown of the Giants' defense between Phineas & Ferb and iCarly this week. If this were the 90s, they would have sent Kenan and Kel.


Mission: Impostor

This was the first year that the NFL allowed fans to attend Super Bowl Media Day, and some tried creative ways to get attention. Fake Tom Brady drew enough attention that NFL Network wanted to interview him.


Your 15 Minutes Is Up

But stadium security put the kibosh on Fake Brady's interview by rushing him out of the first row.

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