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Whether on the gridiron, hardwood, diamond, or ice, athletes raise our hopes, and in crucial moments, dash and fulfill our dreams. Some cement fame and glory by following through on guarantees. Others fall, get backpage bullied, and live accepting they never won a ring. Whatever their success in the record books, many gridiron heroes and ballpark messiahs have splashed their names on a dining establishment that also serves as a shrine to their athletic glory. But there's not necessarily a correlation between winning and ability to open a great restaurant.

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Slideshow: Best Athlete-Owned Restaurants

Last year, The Daily Meal evaluated the 10 best athlete-owned restaurants in America, looking at restaurants owned or invested in by boxers, golfers, skateboarders, hockey players, quarterbacks and basketball legends. For most, the formula is pretty standard: Generic pub food, lots of TVs, even more memorabilia covering the walls, and always, always, spinach artichoke dip. The only thing usually missing is the athlete.

Don't expect to spot Brett Favre greeting guests at his steakhouse in Green Bay. And what about say, for instance, Michael Jordan's The Steak House N.Y.C.? The web site may claim that the restaurant was "designed to reflect Michael's sense of taste and style," but the way its representatives respond to the most innocent of questions about His Airness' basic involvement lead you to the conclusion that the only connection to him is a name licensing one.

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But the reality is that whether or not the athlete is there, or even regularly involved, there are athlete-owned restaurants that put out popular food -- and some of it's even good. On the West Coast, skateboarder Tony Hawk has invested in a restaurant that's kitchen is run by a James Beard Foundation "California Chef of the Year." Meanwhile NFL quarterback Vince Young not only has a steakhouse in Austin, but also supplies his own brand of smoked meat to area grocery stores.

Last year's list of the 10 best athlete-owned restaurants brought many comments and suggestions about other great places owned by sports stars (including nominations like Rusty's, Johnny Unitas' Golden Arm Restaurant, and Jared Allen's Sport Arena and Grill, that, unfortunately, are no longer open). So it's time to take another look, a longer look -- to reevaluate the rankings and see which jock-invested joints should be included on an expanded list of the country's best athlete-owned restaurants.

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To determine this year's champs we investigated reader suggestions, evaluated local reviews, tallied popular rating sites, and scoured menus for more than 35 athlete-owned restaurants across the country to narrow the list to just the 20 best. This year's list includes steakhouses, Southern specialists, barbecue joints, sports grills, high-end dining, and Chinese restaurants that are owned, or partially owned, by athletes. Check out the slideshow for all the details.

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