No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, it's fair to say that gift giving is probably a part of the tradition. At ThePostGame, we've got some ideas that can help you and your loved ones get a sports kick with each gift box opened. From phones to inflatable swimming pools meant to look like football helmets, this gift guide has got you covered. As a bonus, there is no accompanying music channel tormenting you with endless seasonal songs. Although, if that's your thing, we won't stop you from flipping on the online web channel to enhance your experience.

Just don't come crying to us when your bank account is dry at the end of the gift guide.

ThePostGame's Holiday Gift Guide Slideshow


GoPro Motorsports Hero SD/SDHC HD Camcorder

The endless string of YouTube videos that have emerged since the launch of these mounted HD video cameras has been wildly entertaining, creating a perspective that makes every action video you make seem that much cooler. You could put the thing on a wagon, put the family dog in it and take a stroll around the neighborhood and it will seem nearly as cool as every X Games event you've ever seen. OK, that might be a stretch, but still – the cameras are cool. Available Here.


Nintendo Wii Fit Plus W/ Balance Board

Maybe you're great at getting off the sofa and hitting the running trail, maybe you're not. In either case, you could mix up your workouts (or afternoons on the couch) by hopping on the Wii balance board and getting a workout that drifts away from the monotonous and into the entertaining. Just don't go jumping into the TV, we've all seen the Internet videos displaying how that rarely ends well. Available Here.


Parrot Quadricopter Controlled By iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, And Android Devices

Last year, you got one of those cheap little helicopters that require a surgeon's touch to fly accurately and land safely. Within minutes, you crashed that little bugger so many times it needed a quick repair. Well, it's time to graduate to the big leagues, fly this nimble and responsive craft from the space-age panel of your mobile or electronic touchscreen device. Available Here.


Apple iPhone 4S

"Siri, how does Tim Tebow keep winning football games?" "Siri, how on Earth did Roy Halladay not win the Cy Young?" "Siri, find a picture of Nick Saban smiling. No, seriously." "Siri, who jacked Chris Johnson's wheels?" You could literally do this all day with the new iPhone. All. Day. Available Here.


The Art Of Fielding by Chad Harbach

It's a great book, even if you're not a baseball person. It's less about baseball anyway, than it is about a lot of things we confront in life. Harbach clearly knows his American literature and his American sports, and his is an enjoyable addition to the baseball-novel canon. Available Here.



Do your best and forget the rest. If you know what that means, you don't need our recommendation to check out the workout that plenty of people swear by. But if haven't tried it yet, you should. There's a reason you hear about it everywhere you go. It won't be easy, but you should find that it gets results. Available Here.


Body Opponent Bag

If you're like most Americans, it's been a rough year. A down economy, poor housing market and the re-emergence of Packer fans has made it frustrating for many. Take your aggression out on this Body Opponent Bag, and feel a peace afterward only experienced by Mike Tyson and his pigeons. Available Here.


Under Armour Men's O Series Boxerjock 6

These stylish and comfortable boxer briefs also come with Under Armour's "Universal Guarantee of Performance." So you got that going for you, which is nice. Available Here.


Star Snuggie Camouflage

This is the perfect Snuggie for many reasons. One, it will blend in atop a deer stand. Two, because it's camouflage, no one will be able to see it when you wear it, and thus, no one will rib you for sporting it during football Sunday at the house. Always go camouflage, it's the American way. And look at the bright side: at least it's not the zebra print. Available Here.


Neil Leifer by Eric Kroll

Legendary sports photographer Neil Leifer's best work from the 60s and 70s on the baseball diamond showcases players like Sandy Koufax, Mickey Mantle and Roberto Clemente. The images will blow you away, and so will the perspective, as we've found out. Besides, everyone loves a good coffee table book. If you love baseball, this is an easy choice. Available Here.


Franklin Youth/Kids Football Helmet Uniform Set

The Franklin football mini-uniform is a staple in neighborhoods across America. The kid with the replica outfit always made everyone jealous, and it's lasted into the video game age as one of the coolest gifts a kid can get. As an added bonus, there's a rumor that every kid that gets a Texans uniform set will also get a QB tryout. Don't hold us to that, though. Available Here.


DMI Sports Ping Pong Table

Everyone likes the person with the ping pong table. Everyone wants to play ping pong if the table is out. Why you would ever want to be the person who doesn't have a ping pong table is beyond us. You're essentially denying yourself unconditional love from friends. Available Here.


Gaiam Metro Gym Bag

Ladies, looking for a gym bag that doesn't bog you down with bulk but still carries everything you need? Meet the gym bag that doesn't look like a gym bag, and it also includes bungee straps on the bottom for holding a yoga mat. Please don't make fun of us for thinking the lady gym bag is cool. Available Here.


SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop XL Indoor Basketball Hoop

Hone your skills and your craft on the court by putting in the reps at home or in your office. That sweet jump shot is only souring with time away from the gym, so you might as well start chucking up prayers instead of focusing on that conference call. At worst, say you bought it for your "kids." Then dominate by blocking all of their shots until they give up and you get the hoop to yourself. They'll get over it. The holidays are about for forgiveness anyway. Available Here.


Madden NFL 12

Perfect for Dolphins and Colts fans desperate to reclaim their 2012 season and escape the "Suck for Luck" campaigns that their teams have prescribed to for much of the year. No matter the system you play it on, Madden 2012 offers a chance to pretend Peyton Manning's neck has always been 100 percent, and Chris Johnson's aforementioned wheels are still intact. Available Here.


New Era Baseball And Softball Hats

Nothing beats the original outfitter and supplier of hats to Major League Baseball. But for the love of Yogi Berra, take the stickers off after you buy the hat. Nobody is impressed with your shiny sticker. Available Here.


TRX Suspension Pro Pack

TRX bands have gotten plenty of love at ThePostGame, and that's because plenty of the trainers interviewed think they're a near essential part of a good workout. You can't go wrong. But the workouts can be intense. Don't say we didn't warn you. Available Here.


Inflatable NFL Pools And Pool Accessories

Which inflatable NFL helmet pool do you have? Oh, you don't have one? And you call yourself a fan? But you could bathe in it! Do you even bathe? How can you call yourself a civilized human being?! You need a helmet pool. Seriously. Just do it. Available Here.


Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch

Perhaps you're hellbent on becoming a viral web sensation via a fantastic hole-in-one on the local links. Your first step in attacking the greens with precision is a GPS golf watch, and if your skills need far more help than accurate distance measurements, the worst case scenario is you walk to the 19th hole knowing just how much ground you covered while searching for each ball you sliced out of play. Available Here.


ESPN's 30for30 DVD Boxed Set

One of the greatest series to have ever happen to sports documentaries is worth a spot in your home movie collection. Heck, "The U" by itself is worth buying the rest as a thank you. Available Here.


The Memory Company Baltimore Orioles Melamine Chip And Dip Tray

Perfect the Orioles fan you know, and if you can't find an Orioles fan, don't worry – put enough salsa or dip in the middle bowl and this will just look like a festive Halloween or fall dish. Which is funny because every year is a nightmare for Orioles fans anymore. Available Here.


Phiten Phi-Ten Titanium Necklace Sport 17" Black White

You've seen Phiten necklaces all over Major League Baseball. The guys wearing them can throw 95 mph and hit a hardball 400 feet. Will you be able to do those things once you're wearing your necklace? No. But you can braid it into patterns, just like the pros. So there's that. Available Here.


Oakley Chicago Cubs MLB Flak Jacket Sunglasses

Now that everyone is in love with the Cubs and Theo Epstein and Dale Sveum forever and ever after, you might as well hop on the bandwagon. And nothing will go better with your daily attire, while also making it clear which team you love so dearly, as these Cubs glasses by Oakley. Ability to throw like a Cubs outfielder not included, mostly because the majority of you can do that already. Available Here.


Fatheads Of All Kinds

You're not a true fan until the walls of every space you spend in time in each day are covered in the logos and images of your favorite team and players. Every Bears fan needs a picture of a menacing Brian Urlacher charging at them or the giant golden dome of a Notre Dame football helmet (though, you'll have to find a chandelier that matches). Or you could get Maria Sharapova. You know, because you're such a big fan of her overhand serve and return volley. Available Here.


NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock

As Lt. Dan once told Forrest Gump, you've got to take care of your feet. Start here with the most comfortable socks on the planet. Seriously. Just try them. You'll be impressed. And yes, it's odd that we're so familiar with sock comfort. But you'll be thankful we care. Promise. Available Here.

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