Have we all recovered from seeing Maryland's uniforms on Labor Day? Yes, the Terps' threads were as ugly as you saw on TV, no matter how many times you tried to blink them away. Sure it was cool to honor the state flag, but we wanted to wave a flag of our own -- a white one.

While Maryland's uniforms Monday top our list of the five worst uniforms, the five best uniforms -- well, besides Oregon -- all have simplicity to them. In this era of glitz and glamor, subdued and traditional seems to win this beauty contest.

Honorable Mention
Notre Dame: There's no denying the Irish uniforms just ooze tradition. Even the green jerseys look good.
Georgia: Understated, red or white with the black trim, the Bulldogs look sharp every game. (Well, almost: See below.)
USC: The stripes on the shoulders just make the Trojans look like warriors.

Dishonorable Mention
Utah: Red pants aren't a good look. Anywhere.
Cincinnati: The jerseys are nice, but the claw marks on the pants are made for 10-year-olds.
Miami: You should never mess with a good thing, and the Hurricanes did in 2010 by going with green helmets and orange uniforms.

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