When you think of the early 90s icons that rocked those infamous boxy high-top Nike Air Jordans, perhaps The Fresh Prince, Zach Morris or even Vanilla Ice pop into your head. But there is one more to add to the list: Jerry Seinfeld. Whoa, wait a minute ... Seinfeld? Really?

Clearly he isn't one of the more obvious additions to this list, but over the course of Seinfeld, Jerry never missed when it came to his kicks. Whether he was looking to amp up his street cred, become a budding fashion symbol or wanted to just be plain ol' comfortable, Jerry was undoubtedly a sneak-aholic. Over the years, he always rocked a solid pair of trainers; whether it was the classic blue swoosh, the more subtle white-on-white, or the Agassi-esque acid wash get-ups.

As Elaine once classically asked, "Why are my shoes a topic of conversation?" the same could be asked of Jerry. So with this in mind, the folks at Complex Magazine thought they'd document this 90s phenomenon by compiling a surprisingly thorough look at Jerry's greatest sneaker hits -- complete with not only humor-inducing images but also the exact episode when the shoe appeared. I'm just hoping The Complete Guide to Kramer’s Vertical Lift Shoes will be next.

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Nike Air Digs Pro Low White/Red Plum

These kicks are so stylish, Costanza can barely keep his eyes off of them. They sure go great with a tie! And hotel bed upholstery! (Editor's note: That same bedspread is probably still being used today.)

Nike Air Sonic Flight Mid White/Light Graphite

Take those Shape Ups and shove 'em, Joe Montana. Oh wait. Joe Montana was still in the NFL in the '90s. Fortunately Jerry's black jeans are also retired now.

Nike Air Trainer SC High White/Royal Blue

"And then I said, 'You think you can get these sneakers whiter, Your Holyness?'" Seriously, the glare from these sneaks has sent Kramer into a trance.

For a complete rundown, check out the slideshow on Complex.com.