"Friday Night Lights" has finished its critically acclaimed run on TV, but the folks at LostLettermen.com keep the spirit of the show alive with some casting suggestions from college football. Enjoy.

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Eric Taylor is ...
Will Muschamp

This is a no-brainer. Not only does Muschamp look like actor Kyle Chandler, the new Florida head coach and Taylor are legendary for their white-hot tempers and tough love. After earning their stripes in Texas, both have left the state in shocking fashion, with Muschamp leaving as head-coach-in-waiting at Texas for Florida this offseason and Taylor off to Philadelphia.

Tami Taylor is ...
Layla Kiffin

Hey, y'all. The wife of USC head coach Lane Kiffin, Layla has turned heads since her husband was named the head man at Tennessee in 2008, appearing all over the internet as fans drool over her. That's a perfect fit for the role of Tami Taylor played by Connie Britton; grown men go gaga over her and the players can’t help notice that the coach’s wife is hotter than their girlfriends.

Tim Riggins is ...
Trent Fisher

Fisher, the son of former NFL head coach Jeff Fisher, is a walk-on redshirt freshman safety at Auburn, where he reportedly has impressed coaches. Riggins is the bad-boy running back for the fictional Dillon Panthers. But here's what makes this different: Fisher and Riggins are dead ringers for one another, making it much easier for us in central casting. But let's hope that in real life Fisher doesn’t act how Riggins does off the field.

Matt Saracen is ...
Ryan Tannehill

Saracen was always overlooked and under-appreciated. During his time on "FNL," Saracen split his time between quarterback and wide receiver for the Panthers after getting benched in favor of J.D. McCoy. For his part, Tannehill moved to wide receiver after losing the starting QB job to Jerrod Johnson. But when Johnson was benched last season, Tannehill led Texas A&M to a 6-1 finish. All Saracen and Tannehill needed was a chance.

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