With the conclusion of the NFL draft, there's still more work to be done when it comes to rounding out the rosters of each of the 32 teams. And that includes adding rookies who were not fortunate enough (for various reasons) to have their name called during this year's three-day sweepstakes.

When the draft was shortened to eight rounds in 1993 and now to its current of state of seven rounds in 1994, it was far more common for rookie free agents to make the team and an impact. You’ll notice that I stay away from kickers because they are rarely drafted these days, hence no mention of the extraordinary Adam Vinatieri. And we'll throw out some honorable mentions to defensive tackle Tony Siragusa, wide receiver Miles Austin and running back Willie Parker, to name a very few.

So here's a look at the best of the unwanted of the Super Bowl Era (in no particular order).

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