By Katie Rosenbrock

In 2013, when 7,500 members of The Knot Wedding Network were surveyed about their honeymoon plans, 23 percent of respondents cited adventure as a top attribute for their post-wedding getaway.

This came after more obvious answers like sun, sand and surf, a casual and relaxing atmosphere, and romantic surroundings. But still, you can definitely have all of these elements when opting for a more adventurous honeymoon destination. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to look.

The survey, conducted by XO Group Inc. (parent company of lifestyle brands "The Knot,” “The Nest," and "The Bump"), was dubbed “The Romance Travel Study: Honeymoons" and sought to identify the top honeymoon destinations, broken down by regions, countries, islands and states and even specific cities within countries.

In compiling this list of some of the world’s most adventurous honeymoon spots, we took a look at the top regions and then pinpointed the most adventurous locations within each.

From deep sea diving in Fiji to horseback riding through the woodlands of Ireland, the following are some of the most exhilaratingly romantic post-wedding destinations in the world.

By Diana Gerstacker

When you think about switching up your fitness routine (or starting a new routine entirely), you might consider joining a gym, finding a group class or breaking out your old sneakers and taking up a sport you once loved. All of those options, when done regularly, would certainly provide several health benefits. The most important part of any fitness training is that you actually enjoy doing it, but if you're looking for a few extra benefits, you should try training for a triathlon.

We know -- just the word ‘triathlon’ strikes fear into the hearts of single-sport athletes everywhere -- and plenty of other people, too. The multi-faceted race is typically associated with tons of equipment, complicated courses and 70.3 miles of physical activity (and that's only the half).

Among the sports involved, everyone has a dreaded activity, be it running, cycling or swimming and the sheer task of training for each of the parts can be daunting. The fusion of three activities in one race may turn people away from competing but, for us, the challenge is just another reason to love triathlons.

It’s not hard to see how these races or the training alone might be intimidating, but overcoming initial fear is just one of the things you can be proud of at the finish line. And if you decide not to race, triathlon training will still provide plenty of benefits.

The annual ESPY Awards shows in Los Angeles is a chance for athletes and celebrities to flash their fashion. Here is a rundown that includes Rachel McAdams, Aaron Rodgers, Halle Berry, Derek Jeter and the U.S. women's soccer team:

ESPYs, list

Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will be featured on the official cover of the Madden NFL 16 video game. But if you're wondering how your favorite player might look if he had been selected, perhaps you could make a request to Matt Steller, a freelance graphic artist who has developed a speciality in creating custom Madden covers.

Here's a look at covers representing at 32 NFL teams. Without revealing too much, quarterbacks account for half of these covers. And there is one selection of a defensive player that has since retired, but given that Steller had 32 players to produce, perhaps that was one of his earlier projects.

By Katie Rosenbrock

Equal parts terrifying and exhilarating, sharks have long been some of the most intriguing creatures to cruise the deep, blue sea -- so much so that on TV, we've dedicated an entire week to every frightening and fascinating aspect of this fish for 28 years.

Of course, even more exciting than seeing these sharp-toothed ocean predators on the tube, is the chance to witness their captivating beauty up-close, in real life.

Some divers (typically those who are more experienced) are brave enough to literally "swim with the sharks," meaning they do so freely without the protection of a cage.

However, if you're curious but not quite ready to get that friendly with these large sea creatures, a cage dive will likely better suit your appetite for a shark-viewing adventure.

From South Africa to Las Vegas (yes, you can see sharks in the middle of the desert), the following destinations are some of the world’s most spectacular places for a face-to-face, but cage-protected view of these truly fascinating fish.

The seventh annual edition of ESPN The Magazine's "Body Issue" has been released, and it has six different versions of the cover. The athletes featured on those covers are Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Cavaliers forward Kevin Love, heptathlete Chantae McMillan, hammer thrower Amanda Bingson and Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper. Here are their respective cover shots:

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