College football teams are an extension of the academic institutions they represent -- at least, that's the party line coming from the NCAA. But SEC schools, at least, value on-field performance much more than academics, according to Forbes.

The business magazine compiled a list that compares the performance and academic bonuses of 11 SEC head coaches, whose contract information was readily accessible. The money says about all you need to know about what priorities come first in college football. Check out the numbers for each coach in the slideshow below.

A well-known fashion geek, Heat star Dwyane Wade has announced a huge sale on his clothes. That's right: Wade is taking trunkloads of clothes out of his own closet and putting them up for sale online.

If that sounds like Wade is desperate for money, don't worry. The three-time NBA champion is actually seeing those items to raise money for his charitable foundation, Wade's World.

According to the website where the clothes are being sold, items are going fast. A tougher sale are pairs of Wade's size 15 shoes, which have a tough market in terms of buyers who can actually fill them. Here's a look back at Wade's trend-setting fashions over the past year.

Another offseason of roster shuffling has left several new NBA stars shining in new cities. Just one week from the start of the NBA's 2014-15 season, we're about to see whether those stars -- and the teams that acquired them -- made the right or wrong decisions regarding their futures.

Since the carousel can be tough to keep straight, here are 11 of the biggest names you'll find in new uniforms this season.

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By Catarina Cowden

Thrill seekers everywhere flock to amusement parks and theme parks to find the scariest, stomach-turning rides on the planet. Though roller coasters aren't for the faint of heart, they do attract a number of different ages. Every year means an added inch or two closer to reaching a height requirement for a ride a youngster has always dreamed of.

Living in the United States, home to Six Flags and Cedar Point, we are privileged to be closely distanced to some of the best roller coasters in the world. From the tallest steel coaster to the fastest wooden coaster, these rides might be right in your home state.

As of late, many problems arise when accidents and faulty constructions result in injuries and even sometimes deaths. But roller coaster companies do their best to develop new ways to build and implement safer rides.

Manufacturers such as Intamin, Rocky Mountain Construction, S&S Worldwide, or The Gravity Group continue to be big names in the theme park industry. And the manufacturers are always looking to beat a World Record by engineering some of the biggest and baddest rides on the planet. So here we’ve compiled a list of the craziest records that they have beaten, from the steepest angles, to longest rides to tallest, these are the big bad coasters that are sure to have you screaming a higher pitch then you knew possible.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, better known as CTE, is now understood as a major threat to the mental health of past, present and future NFL players. At the moment, the condition can only be diagnosed after a player dies and their brain is examined, making the condition tough to identify.

Even so, the number of former football players who suspect they have CTE number into the hundreds. As the condition is discovered in younger individuals as well as old, medical experts are understanding that the disease may be more widespread than previously thought.

For now, there are 18 former NFL players who have been diagnosed with CTE post-mortemby the Boston University CTE Center. Check out their stories in the slideshow below.

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Michael Symon is more than a chef in Cleveland. His bald head, booming voice and meaty dishes are staples of the city. The restaurateur is a fixture on the Food Network, the Cooking Channel and ABC (notably The Chew). He is the owner of downtown Cleveland restaurants Lola, Lolita and The B Spot.

One could go as far as to call him the LeBron James of cooking. Then again, Symon did not leave town for four years.

When James pondered his decision to stay in Miami or return to Cleveland this summer, Symon voiced his opinion toward an old customer.

"He was always great to us before he left," Symon says. "He was very supportive of my restaurant and me and helping out with charity stuff. If I needed a jersey signed, he was up for it. I wanted to see him come back. We just threw our name out there and did anything we could to bring him back."

James was a frequent visitor of Lola during his first stint with the Cavaliers. Symon commends James on being a supporter of all Cleveland restaurants and businesses. But James' first "Decision" left a poor taste in Symon's mouth.

"I hated the way that he left, but I never had a personal thing with LeBron because he was already great to the city of the Cleveland," Symon says.

Now, with James back, Symon has to follow through on his end of the bargain. James will indeed design a burger with Symon. The dish will add to Symon's already diverse menu and a percentage of sales will go to the LeBron James Family Foundation.

As for the burger itself, Symon is not expecting James to go for anything too meaty. The King's figure suggests a lighter order.

"He ate a lot of steaks when he came to Lola," Symon says with a laughs. "Right now, he's looking about as lean as can be. There's not going to be a lot sugar and bread in that burger."

On a personal level, Symon is excited to see his fellow Cleveland celebrity on a regular basis again. Symon has not seen much of James since his Miami sabbatical.

Symon spent his summer working close with Bank of America and the BankAmericard Cash Rewards Credit Card. Fans could show off their barbecue dishes to Symon at the hashtag #123BBQ and he unveiled a series of webisodes on YouTube called Serious Eats.

LeBron James is far from the old Cleveland athlete that comes through Lola and Symon's other establishments. He provides meat to a series of players from the Cavs, Browns and Indians.

ThePostGame asked Symon what he would serve the top athletes such as Kevin Love, Brian Hoyer and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland. Symon was quick to respond with hypothetical dishes:

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