By Nikkitha Bakshani
The Daily Meal

Most days, we need to be "on" -- to give big presentations, optimize workflow, or just feel less drowsy and lethargic. Sometimes, coffee simply doesn't cut it, and we look to actual meals to give us energy or buy the newest drink that promises to perk us up. Feel like you've tried every energy-boosting solution in America? Here are nine foods and drinks from around the world that make you alert, active, and ready for whatever the universe throws your way.

To find the items on this list, we referred to our list of what athletes from around the world eat when they need to get ready for a game, and looked at what foreign publications, like The Telegraph in London, recommend for the perennially tired and stressed. We also combed through the websites and catalogs of health food stores to find ingredients that are sourced from countries outside of the United States.

Some of these energy-boosting foods, like muesli, will sound familiar, while others, like callaloo, you may have never heard of. There are certainly a few surprises in here. For example, did you know that popcorn can give you a quick perk-up? Not buttered popcorn or strangely-flavored popcorn (pinot noir popcorn, anyone?), but the regular ol' air-popped goodness.

Most of these foods can be easily made at home. In fact, that’s what we'd recommend, as the commercial versions of many products that claim to boost energy involve ungodly amounts of sugar and/or chemicals that should have no place in your body. We recommend packing the homemade versions in your bag as you leave for work in the morning.

By Katie Rosenbrock

For most, vacation is a time for letting go, forgetting rules and honoring indulgences.

In other words, it's not an ideal setting for anyone with weight loss goals. Of course, putting some of your healthy habits on the backburner for a few days while you're away is perfectly fine. In fact, it's encouraged as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

But if you’re hoping to kick-start a new fitness goal, are currently on track toward reaching a milestone achievement or you simply just enjoy a great wellness retreat, then a health- and fitness-focused vacation might be more your style.

From high-intensity boot-camp-style retreats to relaxing yoga-inspired spa getaways, the following active and adventurous trips -- all designed to keep guests moving and eating well while on vacation—are top picks for a perfect "get-fit-getaway" this summer.

The mansion that Michael Jordan called home during his career with the Bulls is up for sale.

Located north of Chicago in the town of Highland Park, the property has an asking price of $14,855,000. The Agency has the listing for the house featuring nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and an indoor basketball court.

Here's a peek inside, based on listing photos:

By Katie Rosenbrock

If you've been consistently working hard in the gym, but can't seem to achieve noticeable results, it could be because your habits outside of the gym simply don't support your goals.

Yes, no matter what your goal may be, exercise is an important component of any fitness program. But unless you’re an elite-level athlete, most of your time is spent outside of the gym, and it’s where you spend the majority of your time that your decisions and choices count the most.

When it comes to getting in shape, losing weight or improving athletic performance, consistency is always key. In order to see improvements, we have to consistently integrate the habits that will help us reach the desired outcome into our everyday lives.

In other words, if you want to see results it's important to work at all of the different factors that play a role in supporting your success.In this case, that includes everything from your nutrition and sleep habits to your posture and stress levels. When you're not at the gym, make sure to focus on these important habits speed up the process and achieve optimal results.

By Kristie Collado
The Daily Meal

There's a reason that peanuts and Cracker Jacks are a prominent part of the popular song "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"; when you go to the stadium to watch your favorite team, the only thing better than the baseball itself is the food. If you're watching the game at home, you don't have to miss out on all of your favorite stadium eats -- we've got recipes for some of the most iconic and beloved ballpark snacks so that you can make them yourself.

Admittedly, one of the best parts of all that ballpark snacking is that you don't have to make the food yourself, but lots of ballpark snacks can actually be made in advance and stored in air-tight containers overnight. If you have a little extra time the day before the baseball game, you can easily whip up a batch of soft pretzels (which just need a quick reheat the next day) or some homemade pickle relish to slather on your grilled hot dogs while you watch the game. Everything from homemade ice cream sandwiches to roasted nut mixes are great ballpark-inspired, make-ahead treats -- and they’ll make watching the game at home even more enjoyable.

Spend 30 minutes or so cooking the day before the game and then the only thing left to do before your team takes the field the next day is to find your team jersey or T-shirt, fire up the grill, make some hot dogs and hamburgers, and pour yourself the ice-cold, oversized beverage of your choice.

Click on the link in the slideshow captions for recipes:

If Billy Donovan wins the NBA championship in his new job as coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder, he will join a select group that has hit the parlay of college and professional success.

Donovan won two NCAA championships at Florida. From the four major sports, there have six coaches that have won titles at both levels. Four have come in football. Another did it in hockey. Larry Brown is the only one to do it in basketball. It has never happened in baseball.

Here is a look at those six men and the championships they won:

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