There's another football championship on the horizon, which means it's time to whip out the all-important matchup breakdowns to determine which team enters with the advantage. Super Bowl XLIX pits the defending champion Seattle Seahawks against the dynastic New England Patriots.

You already know that one thrives on a strong defense, while the other leans heavily on the arm of a future Hall of Fame quarterback. But which one has the best seafood in town? These and other matters are settled, once and for all.

Gambling on the safety in the Super Bowl has proven to be a safe bet in recent years. The past three Super Bowls have featured a safety being recorded, including last year when Seattle grabbed a 2-0 lead on the first play from scrimmage. In fact, of the nine safeties recorded in Super Bowl history, four have occurred since 2009. Before that, there hadn't been a safety since Super Bowl XXV in January 1991 when Buffalo's Bruce Smith sacked Giants quarterback Jeff Hostetler in the end zone.

Percentages are against there being a fourth consecutive Super Bowl with a safety, and that is reflected in the odds posted by online bookmaker Bovada. Its line is 1/7 against a safety and 5-1 in favor of a safety being posted. But the hot streak of the safety is also reflected in the 5/1 line because most sportsbooks had it at 8/1 last year for the Seattle-Denver Super Bowl.

Here's a recap of all Super Bowl safeties:

By Fabiana Santana
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There's nothing like a cold beer on Super Bowl Sunday. According to the USDA, Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest food consumption day of the year, behind Thanksgiving, and we're sure it's right up there in drink consumption too. You could make things simple and pick up a case of whatever is on sale to go with the nonstop rotation of wings, burgers, chili, chips, and more, but if you want to enjoy your beer as much as you are going to enjoy watching the game, think beyond your price club card when selecting Super Bowl beer.

Even though you could hunt down a brew that's made by monks for the ultimate in conversation-creating crafts, you might want to focus on food-friendly beers, instead.

Try serving a few different styles of beer. Set out, for example, ale, stout, and wheat beer so you can cover all the cravings of a crowd. Some will insist on bottles, while others want the nostalgia of a can. Also, consider how much food you’ll be serving, or eating, so that you can pace yourself accordingly. Nothing will suck more than sleeping through the second quarter and Katy Perry’s possible wardrobe malfunction, so save the heavy stuff for the latter half of the day. Here is a list of beers available that will complement the meat-centric and snack-happy menus that are musts on Super Bowl Sunday, but are equally as impressive as standalone suds.

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The typical hotel pool might bring to mind images of rowdy kids, tiny towels and water all over the floor. Not exactly a relaxing experience -- and swimming laps? Good luck.

It can be tough and expensive to find a hotel that will guarantee a quality swim, but avoiding the crowds (and that awful chlorine smell) is worth the research -- and might even be worth the extra money. Hotel amenities are often a traveler's afterthought rather than a determining factor in booking, but there are a few hotels that offer pools so stunning and unbelievable that they might just be the main attraction.

From tropical Infinity pools with exceptional views to rooftop plunges that will take you over the edge of city streets, these 13 hotel pools blow all other competition out of the water. Take a tour of the world’s most incredible hotel pools and start saving for your overnight stay.

By Fabiana Santana
The Daily Meal

If you love beer, you have an appreciation for how it's made. According to the Brewers Association, an average of 1.5 new breweries opens every day in the U.S. alone, and 2013 saw a 15-percent increase in regional craft breweries. The microbrewery market, meanwhile, rose over 22 percent from 2012 to 2013. In 2014, 13 states reached the 100-brewery milestone. In November, the United States brewery count returned to historic levels. The number of opened breweries passed 3,200 mark and the number of brewery licenses reached the highest ever, topping 4,500 in the first sixth months of the year.

The boom in beer production marks the return of localized beer production specifically. The American Enterprise Institute calls this the "Golden Age of Beer," and with this big boom comes big competition. For cities like Boston, where major brands like Samuel Adams are based, opening a brewery is serious business since all eyes will be on you. Trillium Brewing Company took the leap and set up shop against the big boys and highlighted local artisans, farmers, and growers as partners in their beer. In fact, when the company had to shut down for a short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, fans worried they hadn’t been able to take the heat.

Competition in Ashville, N.C., dubbed "Beer City, USA," is reaching new heights, too. A new crop of breweries seems to open daily. "'Dramatic' doesn’t even begin to explain what’s happened [in the world of beer] in 20 years,” said Leah Wong Ashburn, vice president at Highland Brewing, Asheville’s first "legal" brewery. So, whose brews are the best? We ranked the best new breweries in the U.S. based on innovation, quality, brew master background and beer availability.

Maybe you fell behind the college football season and never caught up. Maybe you know the X's and O's front-and-back and are really to find out what really separates these two teams. Oregon and Ohio State may have a national championship game in common, but there are plenty of differences between the two schools and the places they call home. Who has the edge when it comes to everything but the football game itself? Click on and see for yourself.

Hint: This one's a nail-biter.

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