By Diana Gerstacker

Buried in the stress of our daily lives, it's hard to appreciate our connection to the universe and our small but important role.

It's so easy to get carried away and lose focus of what's important. Minds crowded and bodies exhausted we all need an escape every once in a while to reestablish that connection.

For many people yoga is that perfect escape. The practice challenges the mind and body, while helping us focus and let go of the unimportant. When you’re looking to unwind and refresh, a yoga retreat might be the perfect opportunity.

We've outlined 10 of the best yoga retreats in the world. From Dominica to Massachusetts, these are the places that have restored the mind, body and spirit of thousands of yogis.

By Kristie Collado
The Daily Meal

"Brain fog" is a fairly common experience: Most of us have had days when we can't concentrate, much less remember where we left our cell phone and car keys. In most cases, a brain-boosting snack or a few minutes of rest and relaxation is all it takes to restore normal brain functions. But for some people, symptoms like confusion, forgetfulness, and trouble thinking or understanding become more frequent (and more serious) as they age. Several studies have shown that eating certain nutrient-dense foods can help protect your brain from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other types of mental and cognitive decline. Help keep your mind sharp with these good-for-you ingredients.

We’re all familiar with the roles that sleep, exercise, and mental activity play in keeping our brains healthy. Living a physically active lifestyle, engaging in mentally stimulating activities that promote continued learning, and getting plenty or rest at night can help ward of the effects of an aging brain. it’s less often that we hear about the anti-aging effects of vitamin- and nutrient-dense foods, but adding certain ingredients to our diets can go a long way in helping to age-proof our brains.

By now, NASCAR fans have heard that the 2015 season will be the last for Jeff Gordon. He's put together one of the most illustrious careers in the history of the sport over the past 24 years. With 92 wins and four Cup titles, he'll drive into the NASCAR sunset with a legendary resume.

We put together the Top 20 moments in Gordon's career, but this list could have been longer. This should get you reminiscing, if Gordon's announcement hasn't already done so.

By Katie Rosenbrock

Vacation: A time to relax, unwind, let loose, and recharge.

Sure, this is how the average traveler thinks of their time off, but as a fitness fanatic, for you, getting away also means engaging in exciting activities and maybe even taking your workout game to the next level.

You’re all about exploring new areas on foot, learning how to exercise like the locals, and embracing new adventures. These days, almost every resort and hotel has a fitness center, but working out in a gym is what you do while you’re at home. You have no need to travel far just to hop on a treadmill or pick up some weights.

You're looking for a destination that can offer an exhilarating escape from your daily workout routine. Maybe you’re in search of a challenging hike or perhaps you’re after a sanctuary where you can re-connect with your yoga practice.

It's a tradition as common as any in the NFL: The annual casting-off of coaching disappointments in favor of possible coaching saviors. In other words, it's as good a time as any to examine the fickle nature of professional sports. Two years ago, Jim Harbaugh and John Fox were regarded as maybe the two best coaches in the NFL, and last month they were unemployed, if briefly.

Now that the coaching carousel has ground to a long, tedious halt, we can look back at the notable hirings and firings, as well as some of the harder-to-classify coaching switches.

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Some sports fans might have known Hannah Davis only as Derek Jeter's (latest) girlfriend. But Davis got a serious boost in status Wednesday night when Sports Illustrated revealed the cover of its 2015 Swimsuit Issue. Just like "Super Bowl MVP," the designation of "SI Swimsuit Cover Model" opens up even more career possibilities. Here's a look at Davis in the years leading up to this big moment:

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