2. D'Antoni's Resignation Letter!

Ahh, so that's what happened. Suddenly it all makes sense.

3. Peyton's First NFL Game

Peyton Manning will be on a new team very, very shortly. As of the time I'm writing this, we don't know where he's going (my money's on Tennessee, so feel free to praise me as an expert psychic if I'm right by the time this is published). Anyway, for the sake of nostalgia, here's a look back at his first NFL game (against the very team whose fans are serenading him with creepy Celine Dion parodies). But the true highlight of this video is teenage Eli Manning, sitting in the stands (around four minutes into it, and then again five minutes into it). He looks kind of awkwardly confused, and overall very similar to 31-year-old, two-time-champion Eli Manning.

5. Ricky Rubio On A Scooter

So as the universe (and Twitter) almost implode from mega-historical-sports-related-stories-overload, here's a video of injured Ricky Rubio riding a scooter through a supermarket. For a pretty sad situation with him and his ACL tear, he looks pretty happy, and that should make all of us happy in a time of stressful sports news. Also, props to the person who titled the YouTube video and gave the description. Good work.

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1. American Idol On The Mound

Just two months after his debut album went platinum, American Idol winner Scotty McCreery returned to the diamond last weekend. After becoming a worldwide singing sensation, the high school senior crossed another dream off of his list by pitching a scoreless seventh inning for his Garner Trojans. After the game, the teen helped clean up the dugout and field, something he probably didn't have to worry about while on tour with Brad Paisley.

2. Maniacal Mascots

If figuring out those pesky 5-12 matchups isn't keeping you up at night, these 20 horrific pictures of mascots certainly will. The shot of WuShock is horrifying but I can't say any photo sent a shiver up my spine like the picture of Billy the Blue Jay from Creighton. He's just creepy.

3. A Fall Over The Wall For A Nadal Ball

I don't know what a tennis ball touched by Rafael Nadal goes for these days, but this guy at Indian Wells was willing to sacrifice his face for one. What's a bigger sign of devotion: Taking a tumble for a tennis ball or buying and wearing the exact same jacket Nadal donned after the match? Either way, this guy goes above and beyond, or in this case, over and down.

4. The Kick Heard Around Hong Kong

If you thought Americans took their kids' sports too seriously, check out this ugly match between 12-year-olds in Hong Kong. The vicious kick at 1:38 has sparked classist and racist outrage online. It's sad that the closest thing to a role model in this video is the blonde kid who immediately raises his hands in innocence and then begins pointing fingers.

5. LeBron And D-Wade Team Up To Party

One night before the Heat take on the Bulls in Chicago, Miami's infamous duo (sorry, Chris Bosh) will be hosting a party for Dwyane Wade's cousin. According to the invitation, the pair has settled for one night of excitement instead of four, five, six or seven. The only remaining question is: Who will make the final toast?

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3. From The Other Side Of The Court

During a Monday shoot-around Iowa Hawkeyes senior Andrew Brommer made a full-court, backwards, over-the-head circus shot. While the shot is amazing, it's doubtful he'll ever get the chance to replicate it in game.

5. A New Lingerie Football League

If the LFL hasn't filled your need for women playing football in nothing but lingerie, then you're in luck -- The Lady Arena Football League is scheduled to begin in May.One more wrinkle to add to the obvious excitement -- Snoop Dogg is a part owner of the league's Los Angeles Riderettes.

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4. Hunger Games

Former Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest champion Kobayashi might be blacklisted from Major League Eating, but that hasn't stopped him from eating gigantic amounts of food in short time spans. At the South By Southwest Interactive Festival, he set a record, downing 13 grilled cheese sandwiches in one minute.

5. The People Vs. The President

It's well known that President Barack Obama is an avid basketball fan, so it's no surprise that he will once again be filling out a bracket for March Madness. This year, however, the President is challenging the public -- anyone who fills out a bracket on his site and does better than he does will be honored by name on the site when the tournament ends.

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2. Chicago's Other Lovable Losers

The Northwestern Wildcats missed out on the NCAA Tournament again this year, holding onto their title as the only "power conference" team without an NCAA Tourney berth. That should remind Americans the Cubs are not the only cursed team in the Chicagoland area. In fact, there's a third team: Northwestern football.

4. Hipster Brady

How is Tom Brady coping with the Super Bowl loss? He's going for a hipster look. Guys take notice: Supermodels apparently dig the hipster look.

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1. Peyton Manning: Greatest Tipper of All Time.

We don't know where he'll end up. But we do know that wherever it is, the waitstaff of restaurants in that city will certainly be in luck (as long as their bosses don't find out they posted the receipt online).

2. Arizona: Peyton Manning, Please Sleep Here!

Looks like Arizona's caught up to Miami, at least on the billboard front. On top of these new mattress billboards begging him to slumber in Arizona, the Cards have also got Darnell Dockett basically offering up every single one of his possessions to Peyton to get him West-ward bound. Will it be enough?? Cue dramatic music. He says he'll make his decision within the week, so mattress-sellers of Arizona, brace yourselves.

4. Spring Training + Adele

Break from Peyton-Palooza, Part 2: Watch Jason Kipnis rock out to (and by "rock out to" I mean "stand still and probably internally weep" to Adele's "Someone Like You." This is not the first time I've watched a video of athletes singing Adele, a fact that makes me inexplicably happy with the world.

5. No Longer A Colt, Forever A Class Act

In the midst of all the reactions to the Irsay/Peyton press conference, broadcaster Chris Myers, who tragically lost his 19-year-old son in a car accident in February, tweeted that, "in the midst of all Peyton Manning had going on, he mailed me a hand-written note of sympathy when my son lost his life." With all the bad sports stories that surface so often, it's nice to be reminded every now and then that there's good out there. Whoever gets Peyton Manning is not only getting the best player in the game, they're getting one of the best men in the game.

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1. The Future Of Cards

Card collectors, welcome to the future. Upper Deck's newest line of basketball cards aren't really cards at all. Instead, they are miniature booklets, and feature a video screen inside that plays highlights of whichever player is represented on the front.

2. Duncan's Double Whammy

Nobody likes to get dunked on, nor does anybody like to get hit in the face with a basketball. Chris Anderson was forced to experience both, courtesy of a vintage-looking Tim Duncan.

3. One-Hand Wonder

Florida High Seminoles swingman Landus Anderson is averaging more than 19 points and 8 rebounds a game and is one of the top high school players in Florida -- and he does it all with one hand. Anderson has a medical condition known as Erb's Palsy, a paralysis that has left him with a withered right arm and no control of the fingers on his right hand.

5. Knicks Plus Rodman

Amare Stoudemire tweeted this photo of him, some Knicks buddies and Dennis Rodman hanging out on March 3. You have the right to be confused -- even Stoudemire wondered what Rodman was doing there.

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1. The Clipping Of Clipper Darrell

When the Clippers traded for Chris Paul this offseason, the NBA's most dysfunctional team final had a bright future. Naysayers still said owner Donald Sterling could find a way to put his franchise in chaos. He did.

3. Cavs Sack Rush

Believe it or not, Rush Limbaugh did something outrageous. This time, however, Dan Gilbert, Quicken Loans, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are punishing him. Maybe they are just storing sponsorship money for Gary the Numbers Guy?

5. LeBron's Purse

LeBron James holding a small handbag. You make the caption.

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2. Want To Practice Some NFL Combine Drills?

This girl will show you how it's done. Seems like every time I do a High Five, I find a new child who becomes my hero. At least for this week, the title belongs to this awesome girl, who also seems to have a lot more balance and dexterity than I do.

3. Top 50 Most-Jacked NBA Players

Yes, there's a list addressing this very urgent topic. Perusin' through this Top 50 List (with pictures) will make you a) shout out "HOW ON EARTH IS SERGE IBAKA NOT NO. 1, THERE'S NO HOPE FOR ME" and b) make you flex in front of the mirror sadly and consider going to the gym immediately.

4. TSwift-Bow?

Attention World: There is a chance that Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift might be dating. And in case you're wondering what a conversation between two overwhelmingly nice but not very exciting people looks like, fear not: someone has already imagined it. Also, I'm really hoping this whole thing is true because if they break up I'm just trying to imagine what sad song she can write about him that would portray him in a negative light. "You said you loved me/but then you had to leave me/because you had to help build houses for underprivileged children/in the Philippines."

5. Lin In New York, Circa 2010

So Jeremy Lin walked through Times Square back in 2010 for a rookie transition program and no one really cared about him and there is video of it. Imagine being that red-plaid-shirt guy now? "I MET JEREMY! I WAS A LITTLE SKEPTICAL THAT HE ACTUALLY PLAYED BASKETBALL WHEN HE TOLD ME HE WAS ON THE WARRIORS BACK IN 2010, AND THEN I SHOOK HIS HAND. I AM THE FIRST MEMBER OF THE LIN DYNASTY!" And remember, you guys: Obama knew about him back then.

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1. On The Market

I hear now is the perfect time to invest in the housing market, and Michael Jordan is giving you the perfect opportunity. Now the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, Jordan is looking to part ways with his $29 million Chicago home.

2. The Masked Avenger

For all of you who have wondered what the Kobe face would look like under a plastic mask, the time has finally come to find out. I have to be honest, I don't really think the masked look is working for him.

3. Obama One Of The First On Lin Bandwagon

As if Obama hadn't already cemented his legacy as the most hip Sports-Fan-in-Chief, he now is letting everyone know that he knew about Jeremy Lin before everyone. The president saw Lin in his Harvard days after Secretary of Education, and former Crimson captain, Arne Duncan told Obama to look out for the point guard.

4. Goodbye, Clipper Darrell

Now that the Clippers have CP3, Blake, and more hope than ever before in franchise history, the organization is letting go of some of its sad past, forcing Clipper Darrell to stop using the team's name. Darrell was given a season ticket by the organization, and has been offered a green and white suit by Milwaukee's Andrew Bogut if he decides to relocate.

5. The Urine Guy Speaks

As if there hasn't already been enough talk about Ryan Braun's urine, the man responsible for handling the test sample has finally spoken.
If there is one surprising detail from his statement, it's that there is no FedEx around Miller Park open on Sundays.

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