3. Rubik's Cube Record

At the Zonhoven Open contest in Belgium, Hungarian Marcell Endrey solved a Rubik's cube, blindfolded, in just 28.80 seconds, beating the world record. Check out the kid sitting behind Endrey at the 42-second mark of the clip and see how similar his reaction is to yours.

4. The Mets Are Underdogs

To motivate this year's Mets squad, owner Jeff Wilpon decided to give each player a supposedly motivational shirt that has a big "U" on it, which stands for "Underdog." Does the motivation come from the fact that their owner is admitting they will probably be terrible?

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2. D-League Dunkers Delight

The NBA's slam dunk contest was so widely considered a disappointment this year that some have even has suggested a hiatus. The D-League dunk contest, however, showed that instead of a few years off, dunkers need to simply reduce the use of props and neon tape and go back to the basics -- astounding us with their athleticism.

4. Owens' IFL Debut

When zero NFL teams offered Terrell Owens a contract before this past season, many thought the 38-year-old wide receiver's football career had come to an end. Owens put those thoughts to rest in his IFL debut, with three catches -- all for touchdowns -- and 53 yards.

5. Weber Wins, Goes Crazy

Pete Weber, 49, needed a strike in the 10th frame to win the U.S. Open for a record fifth time. He nailed the strike, and then proceeded to act like a crazy person.

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2. 'Country Roads' Buzz-Style

Marquette coach Buzz Williams is known for his antics. This time he ticks off the West Virginia faithful by dancing (to John Denver's "Country Roads") in front of the student section after a road victory. This comes from the same guy who suspended four of his players for the first half for violating team rules.

3. The Making Of Homer At The Bat

Diehard fans of The Simpsons may remember the show's 52th episode: Homer at the Bat. What they may not remember is the episode, airing Feb 20, 1992, beat out The Cosby Show and the Winter Olympics in the night's ratings. Deadspin takes you inside the making of the night Fox shocked CBS and NBC.

4. Now Pitching: Gary Carter?

Twenty years after Fox's success comes a setback for the network. New York reporter Adrienne Supino wants to remind us Mets great Gary Carter will be remembered as once of the greatest pitchers of all-time. Ironically, the next report on the newscast mentions Mayor Michael Bloomberg remembering Carter as a "catcher and slugger."

5. Jerry Lin, Be My Date??

Jeremy Lin must ask himself, "To attend or not to attend Florida State Kappa Delta formal?" Well, if that's who the girl is asking.

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1. Zim Bear

Good news, Tampa Bay Rays fans! This year, one of the game giveaways is something called Zim Bear, a teddy bear with Don Zimmer’s face on it! Isn't that totally cool and cuddly and not at all creepy or disturbing?! But seriously: Try to stare at that thing for more than four seconds and not run out of your room screaming in terror.

2. Smells Like A Yankee

Ever wanted to smell like a mixture of crap-tons of money and a universally despised sports organization? Fret not. All of your dreams have come true. Because His-and-Hers Yankees fragrances now exist. Seriously.

3. The Official Spring Training Exercise DVD!

Put away that Jillian Michaels DVD, this is the real deal. Learn how to train like major league baseball players do at spring training! This intensive 14-minute DVD involves skipping, moving your arms around, lifting your legs in the air, and more really, really difficult routines that'll get you ready for the spring in no time! Man, I can't believe Zim Bears and Yankees perfume are real things, but this gem is fake.

4. Mets: Next New York Cinderella Story?

The underdog New York Giants won the Super Bowl this year. The reeling Knicks were doing horribly until Jeremy Lin came along and took the world by storm. So, it's only logical that the bad-and-broke New York Mets will be the next feel-good-story for the Big City, right? Maybe there's a Jeremy Lin on the horizon?? What say you, R.A. Dickey? "The thing with us is I think it's gonna take three or four Jeremy Lins." And also, money. But other than that, they're right there, you guys.

5. #MetsHashtags

My new favorite person on the planet is the dude who goes by @JedSmed on Twitter, a huge Mets fan who tries to keep his team relevant by tweeting hilariously amazing Mets hashtags every day and getting fellow fans to contribute to the creativity. Thanks to Jed, the Mets have been a trending topic on Twitter nearly every day, which definitely wouldn't happen unless wit and humor were involved. The most recent topic of note? #MetsBeatlesSongs. "I've Just Seen Last Place," "Twist & Out For The Year," "Love Me Duda," and "I Wanna Boot Your Foot."

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2. Living With The Fishes

It looks like footballer Thierry Henry has decided to spend part of his large soccer salary on a four-story fish tank for his new home. Let's hope for everyone's sake that he doesn't bring any cats into the new house as well.

3. And One Cut Up Steak For Mr. James

It has been public knowledge that King LeBron James is an inconsistent if not horrible tipper, but several of these restaurant habit revelations are new. I'm glad to see that the author of this article got his shots in on stat geeks and Carlos Boozer as well.

4. Tebow's Newest Club Music

Thanks to the wonderful Internet, anyone looking to get the party started right can turn to this auto-tuned version of Tim Tebow reading "Green Eggs and Ham." I have to admit that the first three quarters of this song were extremely weak, but he really seemed to pull it all together at the end -- classic Tebow move.

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3. Saving The Season

Losers of seven of their past nine games, the UConn Huskies were fading fast heading into their matchup with Villanova. After calling out his teammates on Saturday, Shabazz Napier kept Connecticut's postseason hopes alive with a ridiculous 30-footer for the win. That shot is hard enough to hit in a game of H-O-R-S-E let alone in a Big East road game. This could be the moment that turns the season around for the defending champs?

5. College Football's Elite Eight

There seems to be great support for a playoff system in college football, but the only problem is nobody can agree on how many teams should be eligible. The Big Lead's Ty Duffy outlines his plan for an eight-team playoff system. I like this plan because not only does it give Cinderellas like Boise State and TCU a chance to compete for the national title, but it also makes the regular season even more important than it already is.

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1. A Littany Of Lin-isms

Do you struggle to keep up while your friends constantly plug Jeremy Lin's name into other words to create hilarious puns? Your suffering has come to an end, with the introduction of linword.com, a website that generates random Lin-isms

2. Putt If You Dare

Some golf courses have alligators or poisonous snakes. Camp Bonifas' golf course in Panmunjom, which lies in the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea, has live mine fields.

3. Mid Season Throwdowns

The first half of the NBA season is just about through, and it's been a doozy. To celebrate, here's a video compilation of Blake Griffin's top ten dunks of the season thus far.

4. Nikola Pecovic's Smallest Fan

Meet Chase, the cutest Minnesota Timberwolves fan in the history of the franchise. Nikola Pekovic, of course.

5. Ejected

Former NBA players and N.C. State Wolfpack stars Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani were ejected from Saturday's North Carolina vs. Florida State game.No, this post isn't 20 years late -- the duo was sitting in the stands, watching their alma mater play in 2012.

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1. Saturday Night Lin

Has Linsanity gone too far with the racial references? SNL weighs in with some satire.

4. Who's Your Caddy?

A school in Charlotte is auctioning off a chance to be Natalie Gulbis' caddy for a day. But this will encounter will likely include more than just bodypaint for Gulbis.

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2. And The Newest Member Of The Rays Family ...

... is a cat mascot. A DJ-ing cat mascot. A DJing Cat Mascot wearing bling. Kind of like the DeadMau5 of mascots, if DeadMau5 was a semi-lame looking cat DJ. Keep doing what you're doing, Tampa Bay

3. Jump Aboard The BandwagLIN

Aaand, here's your handy dandy fan application for the Lin Bandwagon! Ah, I remember back in the day when I was linking you guys to the Tim Tebow Fan Bandwagon Application. Who would have thought at that time that we'd be swept up in, enamored with, and perhaps even more obsessed with another guy only months later. (Sorry, Timmy). I will admit I'm a member of both, but Lin a.) plays for my homeland of NY and b.) allows me to use so many ridiculously corny/awesome puns that I can already feel my life improving. Advantage: Lin.

4. Speaking Of Lin Puns...

Here's a collection of every single one used by New York papers in the last week. So now you know which ones are still available for you to use, and which ones are tacky and overdone. For example, if someone came up to you and said, "Hey, what do you think about that kid Jeremy Lin?" and you responded with "He's LINCREDIBLE!!!" it would be totally lame. BUT, if someone said to you, "Hey, Jeremy Lin is getting his own apartment in White Plains!" You could say, "Come to my LINDOW!!!" And it would be awesome. Maybe.

5. Dog-Citement All Around

Sadly, the Puppy Bowl, one of the greatest sports events our society has the chance to witness, is over and behind us. But fear not: The Westminster Dog Show still exists! And because it's impossible not to smile when looking at this, here's a bunch of pictures of dogs looking crazy/cute/weird/overly excited for a canine who just lost the Westminster Dog Show.

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1. Titans Fans All In For Peyton

As the Peyton Manning Sweepstakes heat up, at least a couple of Tennessee Titans fans are doing all they can to woo the future Hall-of-Famer. If there is one true argument in the music video, it is the fact that the Titans really do need Manning if they hope to compete.

2. Moss, Carter Still Bickering

If you thought the Favre-Rodgers feud has gone on too long, just read about the most recent installment in the decade-old quarrel between former Vikings teammates Chris Carter and Randy Moss. It's definitely a low blow to go after Chris Carter's five-year snub streak for the HOF, but hey, that's just Randy.

3. Only In Charlotte ...

Did you know that the Charlotte Bobcats are 3-25 this year? If you want to know how they achieved such an impressively putrid mark, just watch this video. To be fair, it was Corey Maggette's first pass in weeks, and the team is far from accustomed to playing in a tied ballgame.

5. Don't Look Him In The Eyes

As if taking on five star basketball players wasn't enough, look at what visiting teams in Tuscaloosa will now have to face ... or don't if you'd prefer not to be horrified. All I'm saying is that it would be way too easy to Photoshop this guy into famous scenes and create an exceedingly popular Tumblr.

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