1. One City, Two Mannings ... And A Sanchez?

Aaaand the Peyton-to-Jets talk is already gracing the front of the New York newspapers, with Photoshopped pictures of No. 18 in a Jets jersey. And according to the papers, the plan is for him to be all buddy-buddy with Sanchez, who will quietly learn from the eternal wisdom of one of the greatest, and then both will live happily ever after and bring championships to the Jets. Obviously all (possibly ridiculous) speculation, but I will say he looks pretty good in green.

3. Amputee Soccer Championships

The talent and strength in this video of the Amputee Football Championships is legitimately mind-blowing. Watch this, and then make a New Year's Resolution to try to be just half as amazing and courageous as these guys.

5. "Heroics At The Beef Bowl!!"

Everything about this headline, "Oregon Football Player Performs Heimlich On Man at 'Beef Bowl'" is perfect. Seriously. There's really nothing more I can add. Except that Mark Asper also gives amazing quotes on his heroic deed. "I stood up and said, if you don't know what you're doing, I do, because I'm an Eagle Scout." This wins my favorite story of 2011.

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1. The Year In Sports

It's getting close to that time of year again, when the last two digits of the date change, but everyone spends the first few weeks continuing to write '11, even though the year is now '12. What better way to ring in the new year than the top 50 plays in sports of the year, set to Aerosmith's "Sing for the Moment"?

2. Sour Santa

Santa Claus was at the Mavericks-Heat game on Christmas, but he wasn't dolling out cheer. Instead, he put back a few gin and tonics and took to taunting LeBron James.

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2. They've Got A Big Belly Coach

Rex Ryan and Brandon Jacobs don't like each other. After Saturday's Giants victory, one megaman had the right to trash talk. And did he ever ...

3. Down Side Of Being A Two-Sport Fiancée

Antoine Walker having money problems with his ex-fiancée? Expectable. That woman now happening to be Chad Ochocinco's fiancée? Not as expected.

4. TNT's Christmas Gift

LeBron dunking over Dr. J. D-Rose standing with Jordan. Amar'e chest-bumping Ewing. Was TNT's Christmas Day video the greatest NBA promo of all time?

5. A Terrble Fight

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal began their era as co-workers in TNT's studios on Christmas. Their relationship has not always been so merry, though.

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1. Soccer Fan Beatdown

The goalie in a Dutch soccer match puts the boots to this attacking fan. And he gets a red card for his trouble.

2. Precision Shooting

During a recent Federal Hockey League game in Massena, N.Y., 59-year-old Brenda Hewitt proved that it doesn't have to be the Olympics for there to be a miracle on ice, when she hit a shot from the far blue line to win a brand new Ford F-150.Hewitt, who until now had never even held a hockey stick, slid the puck perfectly, 114 feet across the ice, into a hole basically the size of the puck.

3. The Kardashian Effect

According to Forbes.com, Kris Humphries is officially the most disliked player in the NBA, and if his first preseason game against the Knicks was any indication, Humphries is in for a rough year. He was greeted by a LeBron-going-back-to-Cleveland-esque chorus of boos every time he checked into the game or touched the ball.

4. Lob City Roundup

SBNation.com has put together a roundup of some of the spectacular, Lob City throwdowns from the recent Lakers-Clippers preseason game. With all this CP3 and Blake Griffin excitement, and with Kobe Bryant's wrist injury, it appears the Clippers are finally serious contenders to take over Los Angeles basketball.

5. NMA On Kobe's Divorce

Despite sticking with him through his 2003 rape charges, Vanessa Bryant has officially filed for divorce, just days before the beginning of the shortened NBA season. And as with any crazy sports story, Next Media Animation is here to make sure you have the story straight.

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1. Zero Tolerance

Boise State freshman Jay Ajayi will soon be serving five days in an Idaho prison. Rough indeed. The crime? Stealing sweatpants from Wal-Mart. Sam Walton's army and Idaho know no mercy.

4. Future Stars

If you're in Chicagoland on Thursday, head to the UIC Pavilion at 8 p.m. You can catch Jabari Parker and the national No. 1 Simeon Wolverines face off against fellow Chicago Public School basketball factory Whitney Young. At any given time there'll be six D1 prospects on the floor.

5. Answer The Question

Jarome Iginla has much more patience than I do. Even if I was one of the other beat reporters writing the groundbreaking story of the Flames game, I would've had to tell this lady to shut the hell up.

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1. Can James Harrison Play Quarterback?

The second power outage of the night during Monday Night Football, followed by a fan running on the field, led to Big Ben to ask out loud, "Where's James Harrison when you need him?". Sure, the suspended linebacker would have been useful to catch the trespassing fan, but it's the Steelers offense that really needed help.

3. Tebow Is The New Reagan

Less than a week after Rick Perry invoked the name of Tim Tebow at a Republican debate, Perry once again compared himself to the Broncos quarterback, saying that the two have a "common pulpit." But with Tebow losing this past Sunday to the Patriots, I think it's time that Perry starts comparing himself to another NFL quarterback still riding an impressive win streak: John Skelton.

4. A Symbolic Dunk

If you're wondering what the 2011-12 LA Clippers might look like, this DeAndre Jordan dunk might give you a little clue: expect dunks, lobs and even more importantly wins. This jam came against the Lakers, no less -- perhaps an early sign of the rise of the Clips over their LA rivals.

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1. Open Mic In St. Louis

St. Louis Rams guard Harvey Dahl did not agree with a holding call against him Sunday afternoon. He notified the referee of this with a few words of vulgarity after the call. Unfortunately for him, the referee's microphone was still open. The Edward Jones Dome, trying to find humor out of a long lost season, proceeded to play a Cee Lo Green tune.

2. God Plays Favorites?

Yes, Tim Tebow did lose this week and the Broncos' six-game winning streak was snapped. However, before the game, Tebow's pastor did acknowledge God favors congregant Tim.

4. Harbaugh Love

When your the John Harbaugh, coach of the Baltimore Ravens, it's nice to have an ally playing against the hated Steelers. It's even nicer when that ally is a sibling who you can trust giving tips to. The mutual Harbaugh relationship sure did work out on Monday night.

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1. Too Much Tebowing

"Saturday Night Live" brings new skepticism to Tebow culture. Is it possible to believe too much in Jesus Christ?

2. Bowl Season Free Stuff

Want a free Tourneau watch? Too bad you're not in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. See all the swag bowl participants are getting for Christmas this season.

3. Philosopher Ilya

One thing learned from this season's first episode of HBO's "24/7 Road to the Winter Classic:" The universe is very small. Either that, or Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov is insane.

4. Juvenile Seth Davis

Today, Seth Davis analyzes college basketball on CBS. About 15 years ago, he told HBO's "Real Sex" he wanted to be nude in the White House.

5. Bieber In Blue

Are you a Chelsea fan who hates Justin Bieber? If yes, don't watch this.

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1. Can You Tell Brees How To Get To Sesame Street?

Drew Brees went on Sesame Street to teach kids about measuring stuff. The end product was Breesy sporting an awesome shirt, measuring things with potatoes, and looking really, really happy to be chillin' with Elmo. So basically it was exactly what you would expect from Drew Brees on Sesame Street, except for the measuring things with potatoes part, because seriously Drew and Elmo, no one does that. Stalks of celery are way more effective if we're talkin' vegetation as units of measurement.

2. Weirdest Bowl Game Names

Bowl Season is only a couple of weeks a way, so to celebrate, here’s a list of the top 10 most ridiculous Bowl Game Names this year. I’m still confused as to how there’s a "Belk Bowl" and a "SD County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl" but no "Tebowing Tebow Bowl." Maybe next year.

3. News Flash: Christmas Not Merry If You're A Mets Fan

All I want for Christmas is to not be a Mets fan anymore. Seriously. These festive newspaper headlines say it all. In my house of sad, pathetic, deluded Mets fans, every Christmas our caroling goes something like, "Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat, EXCEPT WAIT DON'T, because the Mets need it."

4. SEC In Muppet Form

Ever wondered who the schools in the SEC would be if they were Muppets? Who am I kidding? Who hasn't wondered that?

5. "Lob City!!"

So there’s video of the moment when Blake Griffin finds out that Chris Paul is going to the Clippers. Spoiler Alert: He's pumped. My favorite part is when, after their initial celebratory air-jump-body-pound thing, Griffin just keeps spontaneously leaping. I sense a Lob City Bromance on the horizon.

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1. Neymar Strikes Again

Getting older is weird. Most of the "new things" in sports are younger than me, and I hate it. Check out this laser from Brazilian star Neymar. He was born in 1991.

2. Pedro's Dues

Pedro Martinez was my favorite pitcher when I was little. Looking back, it was because he was one of the few guys on the mound who smiled. Blogger Mike Silva provides some eye-opening stats to support my unscientific preferences.

5. Art Director

Look how creepy McGruff looks! This is a candidate for the new Philadelphia 76ers mascot. Seriously.

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