1. Rafa Marquez Hit By A Ghost

There are a number of flopping reasons that soccer players can be annoying, even if you love the sport. This flop by the New York Red Bull and Mexican International defender is flopping ridiculous.

3. Jousting: The Original Extreme Sport

The roar of the crowd, the thundering of hooves across the dirt, full coverage from a sports network...and the explosion when man meets jousting lance.
Perhaps you thought jousting died out centuries ago. Surely you jest, peasant.

4. Gus Johnson Makes Everything Better

In the latest installment of videos synched to Gus Johnson's play-by-play calls, we present you a standard NHL hockey game. We'd crack on Gary Bettman for not making Johnson's presence mandatory, but there are plenty of other people not utilizing the big man's voice.

5. Not The Pics Ronaldo Was Looking For

Not surprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo has many adoring female fans, and sometimes they send him suggestive, if not completely inappropriate photos of themselves. But when you're an engaged man, it's probably best to know the difference between "delete" and "forward."

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1. Keeping Up With The Surprises

The NBA lockout wasn't the only thing that surprised Kris Humphries this offseason. His wife's divorce did too.

3. 12 Sports Costumes

Here are 12 of the top Halloween sports costumes on the market. Who's No. 1? Hint: opposite of Tony La Russa.

4. Silly Tony

Speaking of Tony La Russa (who retired today), the manager's genius will be missed. As will some of his antics. Here are La Russa's 10 most embarrassing moments.

5. Best Athlete Halloween Costumes

Like when athletes make a fool out of themselves and don't break the law? Check out some of these costumes.

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1. A Very Tebow Halloween

Halloween tends to bring out the creative side of sports fans. I've seen the Ron Washington jack-o-lantern, the Albert Pujols jack-o-lantern, and some sad, deluded fan even made a Mr. Met jack-o-lantern. But how about $75 custom-made Tim Tebow jack-o-lantern. The pumpkin in his honor is sure to add the miraculous finishing touches to your Halloween decorating that you were waiting for. And to complete the theme, set up your Tebow jack-o-lantern while "Tebowing" (Google it) and listening to the original song "Super Fans (Tim Tebow)" (YouTube it). Or, you know. Don't.

2. Yeah, That Will Solve Everything

World: "Hey, Mets! You guys have no money, your best player will most likely be peacin' out during the offseason, and you guys are kind of a giant laughing stock to the rest of the league. What are you gonna do now?" Mets: Hey, World, WE HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR A GIANT SHIFT IN OUR TEAM'S REPUTATION: We'll change the color of the walls in Citi Field from "Soot" to "Blue!!!!!!!!!" World: ..........

3. Little Big Man

Since I come from a ridiculously short (we like to call it "vertically challenged") family, I have a heightened appreciation for success stories, like this one, about Rice running back Jayson Carter, who's listed as "4-foot-9, 130 lbs." If he makes it big, consider the "Danny Woodhead is so awesome because he's so tiny look at him he's only 5-foot-7, awwwww what a fighter!!!" Era officially over. Best luck to Jayson, who, when asked if his size is a disadvantage, coolly responded with "When they see me they're like, 'whoa what's going on.' That gives me the upper hand. I have the advantage." This kid, who was also valedictorian of his high school, is a Boss.

5. Steve Nash Suits Up

Steve Nash has kept himself busy during the NBA Lockout, as he now has his own line of suits out for Indochina Suits. Apparently progress is being made in the NBA Labor talks -- think it has anything to do with Steve walking into a room full of owners to discuss the a deal in that suit? Dude means business.

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1. Buckner Foretells His Own Fate

Everyone has nightmares, but unfortunately Bill Buckner's became a reality. He eerily predicted his grim future a mere 19 days before the fateful Game 6 of the 1986 World Series: "The dreams are that you're gonna have a great series and win, and the nightmares are that you're gonna let the winning run score on a ground ball through your legs."

5. Shaq-Tacular

The announcer for NBA Jam and his various catch-phrases (i.e. "He's on fire!" and "Boom Shakalaka!") are that of video game legend. But EA Sports recently brought Shaquille O'Neal in to record some "Shaq-specific" dunk calls, and they are Shaq-tacular.

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1. They Love This Game

Jordan Brand's new commercial shows Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmello Anthony playing basketball whenever and wherever they can -- from an under-40's Jewish league to a meet-up in China -- simply because they, "Love the Game, No Matter What." What the commercial doesn't explicitly say is, "watch this two-minute clip of your favorite players, because it's your only chance to see them this year."

2. Oscar-Worthy Performance

Mike Tyson, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather star in a commercial for Street King, a new energy drink in the vein of 5-Hour Energy and Worx Energy. The spot is a re-make of a classic scene from "The Hangover," and Tyson's acting is Oscar-worthy.

3. Cuban Croons

Despite the NBA lockout, Mark Cuban is still riding high as the owner of the defending champion Dallas Mavericks. How do I figure, you ask? Watch as he belts out Prince's "Purple Rain" at a local karaoke bar.

4. PTI's 10-Year Anniversary

Celebrate a decade of PTI with this YouTube compilation of some of its funniest opening segments. It's hard to believe that PTI has been on the air for 10 years, but they are still going stronger than ever. At least when Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon are both present.

5. He's No Pee-Wee

Talk about a stiff arm. The monstrous Pee-Wee running back for the Shamokin Indians murders the regularly-sized Potsville defender. Ouch.

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1. Violation

This incredibly expensive Benz being ticketed in Alabama is none other than Nick Saban's. If you think he's paying it, I've got some waterfront property in Idaho I'd like to sell you. Actually, if the Tide lose to LSU, he probably will have to pay it.

2. Lockout Answer

Whenever there's an Allen Iverson sighting on my news feed, it gets a mention. The Answer is allegedly organizing a series of exhibition games in Vegas. No word on the afterparty yet, but I guarantee those tickets cost more than the game.

3. Groupie Love

Rob Gronkowski's favorite porn star got on the radio recently to give the world her own career updates. She won the Dan Uggla Invitational and the Married Athletes Classic. Guys, I know she's a porn star, but at least find a pretty one.

5. Black Friday

Every holiday season, Jordan Brand reissues sneakers from 15-20 years ago at outrageous prices. This year is no different, but I'm paying attention now. My favorite Mikes ever, the 3s, are dropping on Black Friday. Can you say graduation gift, Mom?

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2. Tom Brady Is A Great Wingman

Rob Gronkowski is enjoying his bye week ... with porn star Bibi Jones. And to think he would just be an average tight end without Tom Brady.

4. Playing The Right Card

Imagine betting on a team five games out of a playoff spot with 15 games left to play and a 999/1 chance of winning the World Series. Maybe you'd put down $250 on a whim. One and a half months later, a man that did just that is two Cardinals' wins away from $250,000.

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1. 'Most Epic Implosion In History' With A Twist

Halloween's fast approaching, which means it's time for my favorite Taiwanese YouTube station to re-hash the nightmare in Boston, complete with the return of creepy Ghost Bambino, who makes some kind of weird flailing motion with his ghost-hands and causes everyone on the Red Sox, and their mascot, to suck. Just like old times! The suggestion that Ortiz could end up in pinstripes is probably more torturous for Sox fans than if they actually found themselves in a live, completely realistic version of "Saw."

2. Wait ... Baseball's Still On?

Hey, everyone, the World Series is on! Oh, wait, you know? Oh, wait, you're watching a rerun of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" instead regardless? Joel Sherman of the New York Post explains why World Series ratings are at their lowest since 1987, and it can all be traced back to the simple philosophy that "the truth is, you love what you hate." And unless you're from Texas or St. Louis, without the Yanks, Phils and Red Sox in there to despise, there's no point of watching in the first place. And people aren't.

3. Chillin' In The Fan Cave

So in case you're looking for a job, "applications are now available" to sit in a 'Fan Cave' and watch every single major league baseball game throughout every day of the 2012 season. It's being promoted by the MLB as a "Dream Job." But here's the fine print that they don't include: "Every single New York Mets game of the 2012 season not excluded." Still sound like a dream job?

4. Uplifting Message Of The Day ...

In this "Stand Up To Cancer" ad that's running during the World Series, a bunch of athletes, including Brian Wilson and his beard, stand in solidarity against cancer. The most touching moment, a moment that I think even Phillies fans wouldn’t boo through, comes towards the end, when Ron Darling is seen holding a sign that says, "I Stand up for My Catcher," in reference to Gary Carter who's battling Stage 4 brain cancer.

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1. Big Track, Small Car

I'd hate to be the guy that has to clean up this mess of a track. Take a look at this boisterous Hot Wheels course. It features a quadruple loop de loop and covers ground both inside and outside.

2. The Next Robert Green

Who doesn't love a great Robert Green impersonation? The goalie in this video botches an easy save by trying to dive backwards at the 18 yard box.

3. World Peace On BET

Ron Artest, er I guess I mean Metta World Peace, has taken his talents to the BET stage. Unlike other basketball stars who are playing exhibition games during the lockout, Artest is focusing on developing his acting career.

4. Fight Night: NHL Edition

Let's get these guys in a ring! For a hockey fight, this is pretty top notch. But what would be so much better is to throw these guys in a boxing ring, allow them to set their feet and brawl. It gets the most heated seven seconds into the video.

5. Paws Up On Defense!

If there isn't an NBA season this year, the least the NBA could do is set up some type of cat basketball training clinic. Seriously, this cat is a real life Air Bud ... well, almost.

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1. Colbert Chimes In

Stephen Colbert has joined the NBA lockout discussion, and he is hilariously and ironically pro-owner. "The NBA owners are on your side," he says, "so Americans won't have to watch hockey."

3. Big Winner

Someone in Delaware has won $100,000 on a $5 bet that had 32,000-to-1 odds. Congratulations are in order, if only to cease the jealously that is currently burning through my veins.

4. Scrabble Fight!

Tempers flared during this year's Scrabble World Championships, when competitor Chollapat Itthi-Aree accused eventual champion Ed Martin of stealing and concealing a "G," and asked officials to strip search him. Did he steal the letter? We'll never know for sure, as the officials refused the search, and Martin went on to win the game by a single point.

5. Life Is A Marathon And So Is A Marathon

Here's a list of nine celebrities who have, surprisingly and successfully, run marathons. A marathon is 26.2 miles. I'm sore just writing about it, which means my exercise for the day is done.

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