1. Stylin' On Campus

With all the college football drama, fans could use a little dose of humor. Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin's bow-stache combo does just that!

2. Wildcat Whiskers

The best thing about Northwestern media day notes are the mustache-competition references sprinkled throughout. Forget Mike Ditka. Go for "The Loftin" all the way.

3. Child's Play

Real Madrid signed a 7-year-old kid from Argentina. Naturally Taiwan's Next Media Animation has its take on this deal.

4. Gator Glare

Florida coach Will Muschamp could take down an angry bear with his stare. Instead, Muschamp will use his powers for good, and by good, I mean winning football games.

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1. The Return Of Football

As usual, Rex Ryan publicly combusted and lost his head (set) during a Jets vs Texans preseason game. It's safe to say that football is officially back.

3. Ripping Sir Charles And The King

Dwight Howard did impersonations of Charles Barkley and LeBron James on BET's 106 and Park. Despite the silliness, his impressions were not too shabby.

5. Harrington The Daredevil

Most NBA players are spending the lockout playing in summer leagues or charity games, but Al Harrington of the Nuggets is taking a slightly different approach to stay in shape. He's going to participate in the Spartan Race on Staten Island, where he will have to walk on fire and crawl under barbed wire.

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1. No Lanes Needed

This video is hilarious. And also very fake. Except for the pickup truck shot. That definitely happened.

3. LeBron's Summers

LeBron just can't go an off-season without getting dunked on. Here's James missing the block on a camper's dunk. They'll be on the Wizards soon.

4. Grass Is Greener

I've never heard the words 'grass' and 'Detroit' used in the same sentence, until now. Delmon Young proved what I once thought impossible with a big homer against the Twins. The Twins that literally just traded him. Nicely played.

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1. Presidential Poke

Nobody on the face of the earth gets criticized more than Jay Cutler.
Not even the president can give him a break.

3. ESPN's QBs

Is it just me or does every NFL season start as "The Year of the Quarterback?"
Maybe it's because ESPN can market the hell out of that line.

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2. Rodman's At It Again

Dennis Rodman wasn't allowed to arrive at his Basketball Hall Of Fame induction ceremony the way he wanted -- on a huge, colorful float -- so he had to settle. Instead, he'll arrive via helicopter and has hired acrobats for entertainment. Is anyone surprised?

3. Harper's Tempter Tantrum

Bryce Harper was ejected for violently slamming his helmet onto the ground after he disagreed with the umpire's called strike three.
The bigger concern is the No. 1 overall pick's anemic .248 batting average and 22 strikeouts in 31 games at Class AA Harrisburg.

5. Cops Catch Williams

In classic action movie style, Wisconsin-Milwuake point guard Kaylon Williams jumped out of the drivers side of a moving vehicle to escape the police. He was eventually caught, and had a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit. While this is clearly unacceptable behavior, you can't deny that Williams is agile.

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1. Can Chad Crash At Your Place?

An average press conference becomes Chadified when he mentions that he would like to stay with a fan as he gets acclimated to New England. And if you are worried that Ochocinco might be high maintenance, he evidently only needs Internet access and an Xbox. Ochocinco is definitely not going to be just another quiet Patriot, that's for sure.

2. Aaron Rodgers Does His Best AI Impersonation

The impersonation would have been better without the smile or the awkward pauses, but Aaron Rodgers still did an excellent job of dodging the question with humor. Thanks to him, you now have a legitimate reason to watch the infamous Allen Iverson clip one more time.

3. Hot Guys Doing Horoscopes With Baron Davis

It's hard to make Baron Davis' most recent YouTube appearance sound more ridiculous than the video's title does. Rarely does a video include astrology, paper basketball and Davis. When it does, you've got to watch it.

4. Rex Grossman Is Overweight And He Knows It

Grossman may think his team is absolutely perfect, but at least he is capable of seeing his own faults. Those extra pounds are going to be extra uncomfortable under the pressure he has put on himself by predicting that his Redskins will win the NFC East.

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1. One Man's Trash Is A Rays' Baseball

Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Shawn Rodriguez incited a scuffle that led to one fan being ejected from the park when he laced a foul ball directly into a garbage can in the stands. No one could even fish the ball out of the trash after Rays' security demanded that the ball be left in the can, so that baseball is garbage.

2. Getting In On The Action

A Jacksonville Sharks fan got directly involved in an Arena Football League game when he grabbed the body and face mask of a Georgia Force player from the stands after a kickoff. The refs issued a penalty and the Force got the ball at the 20, and now the fan can forever say that he got a penalty in an AFL game.

3. One Tough Lady

A 98-year-old woman, Sensei Keiko Fukuda of San Francisco was promoted to a 10th degree black belt, the highest possible level in judo. She is the fourth person ever, and first woman, to reach that level. That's one old lady you shouldn't mess with.

4. Back To School

Kevin Love, Baron Davis, Trevor Ariza and Russell Westbrook are spending their time during the NBA lockout taking summer classes at UCLA. Love tweeted a picture of the group. Maybe they can figure out a way to become eligible for the school basketball team again.

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1. Turf Wars

It's no secret -- at least to Bears fans -- that Soldier Field sucks. Not the stadium, not the illustrious history, the actual field. It's terrible. A hazard even, at times. However, in typical McCaskey fashion, all we're getting after a Bears practice was cancelled due to an unplayable surface, is a promise that they'll try harder to maintain the grass. Not even a pinky swear.

2. Game Breaker

People at the Rucker rushed the court after Kevin Durant hit a few deep threes. Lames. Terrance Williams (and an unfortunate Derrick Caracter) give this Louisville crowd a real reason to shut the gym down.

3. Genius

Simple title, because the brilliance here is simple. Bikini bottoms + a QR code = happiness for us all. The British beach volleyball team will be pioneering this soon-to-be-everywhere ad.

4. Chattal Superstars

Recruiting, by definition, is crooked. At any and every level. Recruiters' jobs are to make their offer more attractive than anyone elses, no matter what. You saw Rick Fox in "He Got Game." An SI report is claiming that nearly half of elite high school hoopers in 2011 have played for more than one school. I guess that indirectly claims that recruiters suck too.

5. Major League Biased-ball

People dislike A-Rod for many reasons: He's rich and talented, he did steroids, he takes soft pictures. I dislike the MLB for one reason: It's full of short-sighted tyrants. A-Rod is getting crap for a poker game he maybe never even knew existed. Did you know that Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle almost got the Rose treatment for promoting at casinos after retiring? Meanwhile, Marge Schott was allowed to live.

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2. Stephen Colbert Time

How big was Stephen Colbert taking over the MLB twitter feed? Big enough to be covered by Time.

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1. The Pope, Baby!

Longtime ESPN college hoops analyst Dick Vitale, who is apparently spending the offseason running around Europe, got a chance to meet the Holy Father himself. We can only assume the Pope expressed his disappointment in Notre Dame's recent postseason play.

2. That's An American?

Josh Gatt must not have received the memo saying that Americans aren't supposed to break ankles on the soccer pitch. The 19-year-old Michigan native, playing professionally in Austria, embarrasses a defender before firing the ball into the net. Can you say World Cup 2014?

3. Hopefully No One Hits 'Reply All'

The 49ers must really want to get rid of safety Taylor Mays. The team sent out a mass email to every NFL team proclaiming the availability of the former USC Trojan. If the 49ers get even more desperate, it wouldn't be too surprising to see a special Taylor Mays discount offer on Groupon.

5. This Is Why We Have Airport Security

Former NBA player Darius Miles got busted at the airport in St. Louis on Wednesday trying to bring a loaded firearm through security, and was subsequently arrested. Don't know whether Miles belongs on the no-fly list, but he definitely belongs on the no-team list -- the No. 3 overall pick in the 2000 NBA Draft hasn't played in the league since 2009.

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