2. JD And The Straight Shot

Knicks owner James Dolan's band, JD and the Straight Shot, opened up for Aretha Franklin at Jones Beach. He introduced himself as JD the Killer and sang a song called "Fix The Knicks" in which he rhymed "promise" with "Isiah Thomas." Knicks fans, this is your owner.

4. Millionaires' Misfortune

The Wisconsin government has released a list of their top 100 delinquent taxpayers, and the list is topped by Latrell Sprewell, with Anthony Mason at No. 3. It seems like an oxymoron, but why do some millionaires have so much trouble with money.

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1. Attack Of The Mantis

If you thought the Pirates overreacted after a close call cost them a game, wait until you see how Logan Morrison responded to a bug landing on his shoulder. Clearly, there are insect-related exceptions to that whole "there is no crying in baseball" rule.

2. A Taste Of What's To Come

The NFL may be back, and it may bring us dozens of highlights, but it will never provide a catch like this one. Here's to hoping that there is a hidden clause in the new CBA allowing knees-on-shoulders catches.

3. Ge-Ne-Rals! Ge-Ne-Rals!

This short film is for anyone in the mood for an uplifting tale about conquering the seemingly impossible. Oh, and it's also about disappointing thousands of paying fans and breaching contracts. Enjoy!

4. The NFL Signing You Haven't Heard About

It's understandable that in the recent flurry of free agent signings, this one flew under the radar.
It's good that the Raiders organization finally sees the value of experience. I just hope they haven't signed another big bust.

5. Should Have Cleared The Set

While taping what should have been another boring X Games interview, the ESPN crew was confronted with a tough ethical dilemma. I sincerely hope that someone confirms that this was a hoax so I can make one of several jokes without feeling icky about it.

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3. Security Guy Tries To Save Redskins

John Beck arrived at Redskins Park on Monday, planning on meeting with 'Skins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. But Beck was refused entry after a security guard didn't recognize the team's QB. No word on whether the guard will allow coach Mike Shanahan to enter the premises if Beck actually ends up as the starting quarterback.

4. Mr. Wilson Goes To Washington

The 2010 World Series champion San Francisco Giants visited President Obama at the White House, with Obama admitting in his remarks that he does indeed fear Brian Wilson's beard. Unofficially, Wilson possesses the biggest beard the White House has seen since Benjamin Harrison was in the Oval Office.

5. ESPN The Movie

20th Century Fox has acquired the rights to the film portrayal of the recent book ESPN: Those Guys Have All The Fun. Here's to hoping the sequel will be called ESPN 2: Those Guys Have Skip Bayless Every Morning.

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1. No Time Wasted

The Baltimore Ravens got right to business as soon as the lockout ended. Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, Kelly Gregg and Willis McGahee are all gone. Heap and Gregg were especially critical to 2000s success Baltimore had. That's like losing four 85+ players on Madden.

2. Pulpit Stop

This has got to be the greatest invocation I've ever heard. Sure I don't go to church, but that doesn't mean anything. The man thanked the big guy up top for everything from the corporate sponsors to his lady.

3. Fan Ink

This is allegedly a leg. I'm not too sure what part of the leg this flesh is, but it doesn't look like any I've ever seen. Let alone the ENORMOUS TATTOO OF LEBRON'S FACE. LeBron acknowledged it on Twitter and said pretty much all you could say in this situation.

4. Business Ink

This is why famous people hate the rest of us. Because we tolerate and publicize idiotic tattoos of people's faces on the legs of grown men, while we give Kevin Durant crap for having ink only visible when he's sans shirt. The Oklahoman ran a column on Durant's tatts. Really though?

5. Web Gem, Jr.

Best catch I've seen in 2011 at any level. And the kid's going into the 4th grade.

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2. Entourage Athletes

Still in an "Entourage" mood this morning? Check out some of the professional athletes who have appeared on the show.

3. Pirate Booty

The Pittsburgh Pirates are ecstatic to be in playoff contention. And it's just a recipe for The Onion to make a joke.

4. Don't Pity Stevie

Pitying Steve Williams? The New York Post has message: Don't."

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1. A Selfless Act

A young boy played hero Wednesday night after receiving a foul ball at the Diamondbacks-Brewers game. After being given the ball, he noticed a younger fan was upset that the ball was not his. In a selfless act, the original boy gave the ball to the younger one. And to prove that good deeds don't go unnoticed, the television crew invited the boys up to the booth and gave them some autographed goodies.

2. Woods Whacks Williams

Next Media Animation has struck again, this time animating the rise and fall of Tiger Woods and his former caddy, Steve Williams. The animation shows Woods and Williams, side by side as Woods plays whack-a-mole on the golf course, attempting to hit what seems to be his multiple mistresses.

3. World Series Champs Become Bobbleheads

Everyone agrees that bobbleheads are cool, but cool enough to net the Minnesota Twins $391,000 in one day?
A portion of the money made from the bobblehead sets, which contain representations of every player from the 1991 World Series team, will be donated to their community fund.

5. Europe? Try Summer League

Just because the NBA lockout is in full force with no agreement seen on the horizon, it doesn't mean fans won't get there chance to see some superstars hoop it up. The Goodman League and the Drew League, two summer leagues in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles respectively, have put together a game that will feature some of the NBA's best, including Kevin Durant, John Wall, James Harden and Brandon Jennings. The game will take place August 20th, in D.C.

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1. MJ Back To His Old Tricks

Michael Jordan still might have a gambling problem. You would have thought he should have been on good behavior with the NBA receiving criticism for allowing him to play in a charity golf tournament during lockout ... but no. More surprising than MJ's actions are the actions of his fellow gamblers. Who challenges the most competitive man in America?

2. Yao Remembered, Animated

Bookmark this video if you ever want to retrace the steps of Yao Ming's career or if you just want to have a good laugh. The two must-see scenes are the depiction of Yao's birth and Charles Barkley kissing a donkey's behind (yes, you read that correctly).

3. The Grouchy Kid Gets the Ball

While it's nice to see this kid turn his frown upside down, the action of the broadcast team sets quite a bad precedent. The game must have been excruciatingly dull for the announcers to spend this much time on a little kid in the stands and then bring him a ball just so they had something to continue talking about.

4. Ndamukong Shows His Moves

Ndamukong Suh may not have been at an NFL facility during the lockout, but he has certainly been getting work done. For his sake, I hope he doesn't score a touchdown until he realizes how embarrassing his celebration would be.

5. Pirates Return To The Top

We all know it has been a long, long time since the Pittsburgh Pirates led their division this late in the season, but this article makes it all the more clear. The best indicator of how long ago 1997 was is the video quality of the final link from July 17 of that year.

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1. Tour de Faceplant

This is what happens when years of determination, dedication and training meet freshly laid asphalt. Look at that guy's face! I dare you to tell Dutchman Laurent ten Dam that cycling isn't a sport. Or that numerals have no place as middle names.

2. Field Crasher

Check out this dude running onto the field at the Braves-Nationals game.
That'd be dude, as in a man. In a wedding dress. Which means, prior to this, he was sitting in the stands at the game. In a wedding dress.

3. Iron Mike's Messengers

Mike Tyson's pigeons have become sort of a completely plausible running joke. Tyson's pets have kinda mirrored his personality's evolution: He once bit people while owning a tiger. He now sends uplifting messages via Twitter while owning pigeons. They aren't regular pigeons, though. According to Mike, they've got "the bloodlines of Richard the Lionheart and all those other pigeons." You gonna question him? Didn't think so.

4. Lockout Demands

Tracy McGrady has had a tragic career. Hall of Fame talent clouded by injuries and allegedly Eeyore-like work ethic. Never won a playoff series either. Tracy's trying to change all that now though with this rather direct Twitpic showing his free agent wishes.

5. Slow Motion

Hey, Kate Upton was in Sports Illustrated. There are sports in that magazine.

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1. Poker Face

Thought online poker was gone? A Texas congressman's bill may save the industry.

3. Amar'e's Homies

Amar'e Stoudemire isn't stressing over the lockout. He's just chilling with his high school friends.

4. Mr. Brandi Chastain

Great catch by J.A. Adande.

5. Abby Wambach, Baby

Now you know Abby Wambach made it. Baby.

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