2. Fantastic Free Kick

Looking for some fantastic soccer? There is no need to outsource to Europe ... look no father than the MLS. Sporting Kansas City's Graham Zusi hits a free kick from 45 yards out. Try that, Didier Drogba!

3. Shaq Sex Tape?

There are reports that a Shaquille O'Neal sex tape is at the center of a recent kidnapping. However, the tape supposedly doesn't exist and the kidnapping is just the result of a financial dispute.

4. Vancouver Goes NUTS

After the Canucks lost to the Bruins last night, the people of Vancouver erupted in anger. These videos are insane. People are being thrown off Port-o-Potties. Boys are jumping over cars that are on fire. Get a grip, Canada. Seriously ... it's just hockey.

5. Now This Is BMX! (Take Two)

Last week, I posted a crazy video of BMX tricks. I bring you something similar this week. These tricks are absolutely nuts. Mark Webb is a complete animal. Wow.

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5. Waiter, Bicycle For Two

As originally reported by Outside magazine, recent frenemies Lance Armstrong and former teammate Tyler Hamilton ran into each other last week at a restaurant in Aspen, where resident Armstrong sometimes lives. Hamilton recently and very publicly pointed the finger at Armstrong for blood doping on 60 Minutes. Awkward ...

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1. Heralding The Victors?

Had a Game 7 been necessary, and the Miami Heat been crowned the NBA champions, you likely would have seen this Macy's ad in today's Miami Herald. Instead, someone on the production staff made a historic error publishing it the day after the Mavericks won a series for the ages. Oops!

5. Bush League

For LeBron James, the hits just keep on coming. The Chicago Cubs' single-A affiliate is celebrating the career of Michael Jordan with a clever giveaway, but at The Chosen One's expense.

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1. Players' Choice

NFL Network polled the players to see who they thought were the league's 100 best. Some of the results would shock a casual fan: Devin Hester at No. 32, Brandon Lloyd at No. 58, Mike Williams at No. 83 (!!!!). It's either a popularity contest, or a nice peek into what the players value when judging who's best. Brandon Lloyd must have a lot of friends, though. I'll just say that.

2. Wrong Pitch

Manchester United's Gary Neville was in Chicago promoting his team's friendly against the Chicago Fire. He threw out this first pitch at The Cell. A small child was listed in serious condition last time I checked.

3. Next Year

Vegas put out its NBA title odds for 2012 Monday. The Heat are the favorites at 5-to-2, with my Bulls right behind them and the Lakers at 6-to-1. I can live with that. It should go up once we trade Carlos Boozer for a nice 2-guard.

5. Numbers Game

If you've never heard of Sporcle, prepare for the rest of your life. They've got a bunch of great sports trivia. Right now I'm working on this NBA Scorers By Age quiz. Bye bye, productivity.

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2. "Miami Has The Worst Fans"

In an interview on the Waddle & Silvy Show, Charles Barkley doesn't hesitate to criticize the Heat's notoriously quiet fan base. He also asks the co-hosts not to ask him about what he'll be doing on an upcoming vacation to Amsterdam.

4. Moooooving To The Goal

Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City hosted its inaugural MLS match last week between Sporting KC and the Chicago Fire. The first goal was scored in the 82nd minute. Not by a player, but rather by a fan in a cow suit.

5. Adam Schefter Says Pat 'em Down, Sir

An NFL lockout doesn't only mean the players will need an alternative forms of money-making. ESPN NFL guru Adam Schefter has all ready started testing out other jobs around ESPN's Bristol headquarters.

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1. Now This Is BMX!

I honestly didn't know that most of these tricks were even possible on a bike, let alone anything with wheels. This video is completely unreal. Prepare to be dazzled.

2. Soccer's Prettiest Compilation

Who's the best soccer player in the world? Some say it's Cristiano Ronaldo. Others say Lionel Messi. One thing is for sure -- the tiebreaker cannot be decided by the number of goals they each scored this season. The two all-stars tied once again with 53 each.

3. Lucky Bounce

Meet the world's friendliest crossbar. After hitting the crossbar on a penalty kick, the soccer ball took a lucky bounce back into the goal. The goalie was off celebrating to rather than saving the ricochet.

4. Excuse Me?

This may be the most ridiculous person I have seen at a sporting event. Everybody, please feel free to point and laugh. How about next time you just put on a Dirk Nowitzki jersey and call it a day?

5. A Tribute To Ronaldo

Life before and after Ronaldo is light years apart for the game of soccer. No. 9 changed things for every future Brazilian to play the game. Joga bonito.

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1. Even Compassion Is Bigger In Texas

With their second-to-last pick in this year's MLB Draft, the Rangers argued that winning might not be everything after all. At the same time, they showed how practically unimportant 33rd-round picks are by basically wasting one on this nice story. The cynic will probably say that the pick was made solely based on Taylor's potential to help former and future teammate Zack Cone impact the bottom line in a positive way.

2. That's Just Foul

For every foul ball catch highlight that makes the news, there are several of these absolute failures. To recap, the man picks his child up, drops her, and then, after all of that, doesn't even catch the ball. That must have been an interminably long drive home for him.

3. Deja Feud

Going retro, we now would like to turn your attention to the rekindling of a 20-year-old rivalry. If the Ultimate Warrior wanted a rematch, he'll get it. Except this time, it will be in court as Hulk Hogan vowed to sue in response to the Warrior's public comments.

4. Finger Food

After Vancouver's Alexandre Burrows bit Patrice Bergeron's fingers, Bergeron's Bruins retaliated with a healthy dose of taunting as well as eight goals. But Burrows had to know that Boston wasn't going to let this opportunity for motivation slip through their fingers. Now my fingers are crossed that the two teams return to clean hockey and no player lifts another finger to do something dirty.

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1. Family Matters

Things have gone from bad to worse for Manchester United's Ryan Giggs. After failing to cover up his affair with a model, Giggs was caught yet again for cheating. But this time it was with his younger brother's wife. It's nice to get along with your sister-in-law, but that might be taking it too far.

2. Retired Warrior

Very few athletes can make a name for themselves post-retirement. But former NHL fighter Donald Brashear has his priorities in order. In his MMA debut, Brashear, who has the 15th most penalty minutes in NHL history, knocked out his opponent in less than 30 seconds. It beats competing on "Dancing With The Stars."

3. Ring Bling

The NBA Finals may not be over, but that doesn't mean we can't start reminiscing of a simpler time. And with that comes memories of simpler rings. For those of us that aren't lucky enough to have NBA championship rings stashed in our closet comes this handy, dandy interactive graphic that revisits every ring in NBA Finals history.

4. Catching Kernels

Who needs mitts to catch baseballs? Not this lucky Kansas City Royals fan, who proved to the world that a bucket of popcorn is just as good as any baseball glove. Let's hope the bucket's a little sturdier next time.

5. Language Barrier

Sprite played quite the joke on Kobe Bryant in a JJ Barea billboard in Puerto Rico. But Sprite should know that just because the ad is overseas doesn't mean Kobe won't see it. Especially if the two athletes are both endorsed by the soft drink company.

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1. Hairy Concept

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney is shrugging off the 3-1 Champion's League final loss to Barcelona a little over a week ago rather quickly with a bit of a hat trick. On Saturday, Rooney tweeted to his more than 700,000 followers that he had gotten hair transplants after beginning to go bald at age 25. Rooney then tweeted a follow-up photo of the results on Monday.

3. Making Your Mark

For the Baez brothers, ink is thinker than blood. Prospect Javier Baez, selected ninth overall by the Chicago Cubs in Monday's draft, recently got a neck tattoo of the MLB logo to match older brother Rolando Agosto. Agosto was drafted by the San Diego Padres in 2002, but never made it to the majors. Here's to hoping the younger of the two gets a little more use out of his permanent trademark in the bigs.

4. Still Hunting Wolverines

Ohio State fans may be down in the dumps over former head coach Jim Tressel's resignation and looming NCAA sanctions, but they are still supporting the beleaguered coach in the masses. Here is video of reportedly some 200 fans gathering in Tressel's driveway over the weekend to trash Michigan in song just one more time.

5. French Blip

Li Na became China's first-ever Grand Slam tennis champion Saturday after defeating Italy's Francesca Schiavone in the French Open final. But in a bit of an awkward moment, Schiavone was initially awarded the wrong trophy during the award ceremony.

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1. Bruins Vs. Canucks Taiwanese Style

Having trouble deciding which team to root for in the Stanley Cup Finals? See if this Taiwanese animation can help.

2. Phil Jackson Of Little League

In case you missed it, here are the best moments from Shaquille O'Neal's press conference. He is the self-proclaimed "Phil Jackson of Little League," but will consider the Knicks' General Manager position.

3. Bono's Love For Hockey Players

Bono takes a few minutes at an Edmonton concert to thank Gilbert Brule for picking him up while hitchhiking. He also compares each member of U2 to an Oiler legend.

4. Donnie Walsh Quotes

Donnie Walsh may never again play a crucial role in NBA politics, but his legacy lives on. My favorite quote (about Ron Artest): "I think Ronnie is a guy who acts first and thinks later. If he were to do it over again, he might do it differently."

5. The Not So Beautiful Game

Soccer is constantly referred to as "The Beautiful Game." However, a handful of players had some not so beautiful moments in the 2010-11 season (i.e. David Villa).

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