2. One Big Stamp

Wilt the Stilt put his stamp on the NBA record books when he scored 100 points in a single game against the New York Knicks in 1962. Soon, you may be able to put his stamp on your mail. A Philadelphia based campaign has reached the United States Postal Service, and according to a spokesman, the Wilt stamp is, "under consideration."

3. The Power Of Tweeting

Just eight hours after a Shrewsbury, Massachusetts fireman tweeted at the Boston Bruins, the Stanley Cup sat in the Shrewsbury Firehouse. Then they dressed it up like a firefighter. Where will the Cup land next?

5. Eric Byrnes Thinks He's On NFL Live

Former MLB outfielder Eric Byrnes lit MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds up like a bonfire while discussing a controversial foul pop-up in a Cubs-Rockies game. Perhaps MLB Network should see if it can fit some football pads into its budget.

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1. Winning Doesn't Solve Everything

Zdeno Chara may have just won the Stanley Cup, but the Montreal Police don't seem to care. They still are considering pressing charges for a March 8 hit by Chara that put victim Max Pacioretty on a stretcher. Maybe this is just an example of one Canadian city trying to get revenge for another after Vancouver fell to the Bruins.

2. The Most Revolting Baseball Routine

If you thought Big Papi spitting on his gloved hands was gross, I'd recommend averting your eyes from this clip. Still you can't argue with the results.

3. Is Dwyane Wade Over The Finals Loss?

D-Wade showed no discomfort taking a photo with someone holding a Mavs cap. Granted, the someone was Kanye West and the hat was tricked out. But still, I think it's too soon.

4. Dirk Immortalized In Legos

After winning his first NBA championship, Dirk Nowitzki has finally earned the highest honor a 21st century celebrity can receive: A Lego statue of himself. Fortunately, it didn't take long to get one in Dallas because the statue had already been created in Germany, where Nowitzki was a superstar long before he hoisted the O'Brien Trophy.

5. The Hard Life Of A Locked Out NFLer

DeSean Jackson is clearly having a tough time as labor negotiations drag on. If the lockout lasts much longer, we may see another payer looking for a second job or filing for bankruptcy unless Jackson can find a hobby besides bar-hopping.

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1. Zero Stability

The NBA's Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas, is at it again. The avid tweeter posted photos of himself involved in the latest fad with origins thought to be out of England and Australia.

2. Humanitarian Mission?

The U.S. women's soccer team kicked off its 2011 World Cup aspirations Tuesday with a 2-0 victory over North Korea, but also exhibited a jersey that has received plenty of criticism. Some have suggested the team's duds make them look more like Clara Barton than Rosie the Riveter.

4. Going Toe-To-Toe

English citizens participated in the 35th annual World Toe Wrestling Championship earlier this week. Said to have been invented in 1976, the competition reportedly draws hundreds to the county of Derbyshire to find out who has the golden toe.

5. Copycat Crime

Kids are great, right? That is until they throw away one of life's best prizes, the foul ball. Here's visual proof from the Giants-Indians game.

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1. Dandies Minus The Diapers

Dick Vitale (and his wife!!!) went to Hooters. Mrs. Vitale is a very, very cool lady.

2. MLB Broadcasters Gone Wild

And boom goes the dynamite.

4. Not Candace!

Candace Parker injured her right knee Sunday night during LA's loss to the New York Liberty. I hope everything with Parker's knee is fine. In the event it isn't, Candace, please don't hesitate to ask me for comforting.

5. Life Goes On

A championship ring really makes a difference in personality. Bosh sobbed his way to YouTube fame after the Heat's Finals loss, while LeBron reminded everybody that he was in fact going to wake up the next day and still be LeBron. D Wade? He's making goofy videos about Twitter hackers.

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2. Tim Howard No Esta Contento

Tim Howard wasn't very happy about the Gold Cup post game ceremony being in Spanish. And an Everton blog wasn't afraid to post his exact words.

4. A Joe Mauer Hair Cut

Ever seen a man with a hairy back? Ever seen a man with Joe Mauer's jersey cut into the hair on his back?

5. New York's Different States of Mind

Spike Lee trusts Donnie Walsh, who isn't even going to be the GM at the end of the month. A Knicks fan at the draft appears devastated about the team drafting Iman Shumpert. Get ready for another fun season in New York.

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1. LoveGame

After wearing a highlighter yellow tennis ball gown to the pre-Wimbledon party last week, American Bethanie Mattek-Sands sported a similarly designed white jacket to her opening round match in order to comply with the All England Club's all white rule. Mattek-Sands lost the match in three sets, but not before garnering plenty of attention for her threads, which were actually produced by one of Lady Gaga's own designers.

3. Phoul Play

The Phillie Phanatic got hit by a foul ball while entertaining at a Lehigh Valley IronPigs game on Wednesday. The Phillies were away for a road series, so the famed mascot made a special trip to the team's Triple-A affiliate in Allentown, Pa. Tom Burgoyne, the man who has filled the mascot's shoes for nearly two decades, did end up making a trip to the hospital. But despite a bump over his eye, he says the Phanatic will be ready for the Phillies' next home stand, showing that in the big leagues, even mascots play hurt.

4. Sharp Shooters

The first football family, the Mannings, are at it again. As part of DIRECTV's latest Sunday Ticket drive, the two quarterback brothers donned badges and mustaches in what looks like it could be a fairly successful TV show if the NFL season fails to materialize due to the lockout. And don't worry, they brought Archie along, too.

5. Throwing Gas

Former Olympic softball pitcher Jennie Finch gave birth to her second child with Major League hurler Casey Daigle over the weekend. The two immediately struck-out, christening him with a moniker more fitting for something you put in your truck than you name your newborn son.

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1. Every Mistake Is A Lesson

In preparation for this year's NBA Draft, Hoopism.com has created a compilation highlighting 10 of the greatest "lessons" from past NBA drafts. The graphic looks infinitely better than any of these players did on the court.

2. Rubio Meets His Fans

Almost exactly two years after the 2009 Draft in which he was selected, phenom Ricky Rubio finally got to Minnesota earlier this week. However, it is still unclear what Herculean feats he accomplished during those two years to deserve the massive amount of fanfare his arrival received. Maybe Timberwolves fans just don't have anything else to cheer for and have been bottling it up for quite some time. Regardless, it must have been awkward for them to repeatedly explain to each incoming traveler that the crowds, cameras and cheerleaders were in fact not for them.

3. Mark Cuban Loving Being King

Making good use of his NBA crown, Mavs owner Mark Cuban has officially published the best "Scoreboard" taunt ever ... in a legal brief no less. At the same time, he has put to bed any debate about who is the coolest owner in major sports.

4. A Twist On The Cup-And-Ball Routine

Why am I never this lucky? As interesting as the fortunate fan's reaction is, the reactions of those around him are just as good. My personal favorites: the woman who tries to catch some falling beer and then rubs it on her arm as well as the boy who sulks away as soon as some alcohol lands on him.

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5. Oden Sighting

Though we have not heard or seen much from Portland Trail Blazer center Greg Oden since his most recent injury, he may have a job just waiting for him ... as LeBron James' body double. A reporter for celebrity gossip website TMZ mistakenly identified Oden as James during a recent encounter, showing that the news site should stick to Hollywood and stay out of professional sports.

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1. Cartoon Riots

NMA TV recreates everything in cartoons. They probably have my birth at Mercy Hospital on YouTube somewhere. Anyway, here's their take on the riots up in Vancouver post-Stanley Cup meltdown. They really didn't take advantage of the fact that the actors aren't real..

2. Brewin' Bruins

I don't blame these guys for any of the foolishness in these photos. Young and just won a Stanley Cup. Just don't drink till you forget about it. *Aside* The guy in the background needs to get his priorities in line.

3. Ryan Dunn

RIP to Ryan Dunn, he of Jackass fame.
He was killed in a car crash Monday in Philly. Not an athlete, but if you've ever seen the stunts, then you can't deny the difficulty.

4. Off-seasons

Kevin Durant is on his "no days off" grind. Check him shut down this Drew League game.

5. Fifteen Minutes

DeShawn Stevenson is the NBA's new media darling apparently. He had a helluva Finals, so I can't hate. I can hate on excessive tattooing, though. DeShawn let the world know why he got that Abe Lincoln ink. No newfound bloodline, just because Gilbert Arenas got a Martin Luther King tattoo first. Nice.

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1. U.S. Golf Boys

Rory McIlroy came into the U.S. Open and blew the field out of the water. You may be wondering where the next generation of American golfers is. Right here.

2. Party Dirk

When all was said and done, Dirk Nowitzki finally got his chance to party. And he showed just how hard the Germans go. Hopefully DeShawn Stephenson didn't give him a ride home.

3. Vancouver With Love

The CBC was finally able to land an interview with Scott Jones and Alex Thomas, the infamous couple caught making out in the middle of the Vancouver Riots. Apparently they didn't think smooching in the midst of one of Canadian history's most rowdy riots was that weird.

4. Don't Ball Like Wall

We know what John Wall is good at: basketball and dancing. We also know what John Wall is not good at: Baseball. Apparently the phrase "To ball like Wall" does not refer to baseball.

5. We Apologize, John

John Wall doesn't deserve any criticism. Not after his opening night Dougie. We apologize, John.

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