1. Bad Heads

Complex put together a pretty funny collection of the 10 ugliest craniums the NBA has ever seen. Glad somebody else noticed the currents on Shane Battier's dome too.

2. Go Ahead, Card Me

Check out this fan-instigated fut-brawl. Even the ref isn't safe from a couple good shots to the chops.

3. Rough Day

Next time you want to complain about a bad day, think about Sam Young.
Not only was the Grizzlies run partially credited to him being benched for OJ Mayo, poor Sam had his car stolen right after the Grizz's Game 7 loss. Don't feel too sorry for him, though. He makes a bunch of money to play basketball. And he got his car back.

4. Brew Box Score

Pretty cool app called BeerStat. Compiles the nutritional value, prices and amount of alcohol you consume. So now you can keep track of all the $10 Bud Lights you buy at the stadium.

5. Shots Fly Free

Pretty cool trick shot video. These guys are "professionals" and not actually Southwest Airlines employees, but great advertising nonetheless.

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1. Houston, We Have a Problem

They say everything's bigger in Texas. That includes a fan's escape after running onto and off of the Minute Maid Park field. Shades of Lance Berkman climbing the centerfield hill?

3. Chicago Bound

As destiny would have it, LeBron James must get through Chicago, Michael Jordan's town, to reach the NBA Finals. With that said, we recall a mash-up of James' "Rise" Commercial and Jordan's "Maybe" ad.

4. Big Papi: In A New York State Of Mind

In an MLB.com video, David Ortiz claims to be tired of being booed at Yankee Stadium. In an effort to combat the boos, he takes to the streets of Manhattan, looking to hug as many people as possible. As a Yankee fan, I think the whole thing is staged.

5. Mrs. Jorge Posada

On Saturday night, Laura Posada tweeted that her husband's absence in the Yankee lineup was due to a back injury. Jorge later denied her report, prompting a soap opera in the Bronx. Playerwives.com reported on the story and gives its readers a chance to rate Mrs. Posada, among others.

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1. Piggyback Ride!

What's better than dunking the ball? Oh, I know! Getting a piggyback ride as a reward. This clip, from Rajon Rondo's high school days, shows him sitting on a defender's shoulders after a dunk.

2. Can't Get Kenny

The guys on "Inside the NBA" tried to prank Kenny Smith when he was reviewing Carlos Boozer tape. Little did they know, Kenny doesn't experience fear.

3. This Can't Be The Future

There is no possible way that this video can help improve your basketball ability. No chance. Stick to the gym, not some makeshift backyard Six Flags thrill ride.

4. Yee-Haw, Ochocinco To Ride Bull

Ochocinco has accepted a challenge to ride a bull at the upcoming Professional Bull Riding Lucas Oil Invitational. If Ochocinco can hold on for longer than eight seconds, he wins a new F150 truck and exclusive rights to name the bull. He's thinking he'll name it Marvin Lewis. No joke.

5. The New Robert Green

Robert Green can take a deep sigh of relief. This goalkeeper just blew an easier save.

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1. Tribute To Robert "Tractor" Traylor

Robert Traylor had many memorable moments on the basketball court before dying of an apparent heart attack Wednesday. This video does a good job documenting several of them.

2. Hungry For The Spotlight

As pro football players continue to find ways to cope with their boredom, Darrelle Revis has come up with a solution. I'm not sure whether to be intrigued or disgusted by the fact that he already has made "private videos."

3. What Kobe Wanted To Say

Kobe Bryant had a series of very reserved press conferences, but FunnyorDie thinks they know what the Black Mamba wanted to say after each game. Am I the only one who would love to see Kobe actually coach next year?

4. An Odd Pairing

It looks like Favre is still trying to find a way to impact the NFL even if it doesn't involve coming back. In related news, No. 1 overall pick Cam Newton is considering retiring and/or demanding a trade, preferably to the rival Falcons.

5. Phil Jackson Is Overrated

Don't take my word for it, take Scot Pollard's. The former NBA journeyman didn't pull any punches while criticizing the Zen Master over local radio waves following Jackson's last game on the bench (for now).

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1. Carmelo Camel

With nothing to do after getting kicked out of the NBA Playoffs, Carmelo Anthony must be pretty lonely. Luckily, Anthony did the sensible thing and got himself man's best friend: His very own camel. Because dogs are so last season.

3. Hail Mary

With football out of the picture, lacrosse has become the next big sport. Lots of hitting, high scoring and the best part, Hail Mary passes. Not convinced? Me neither, but this goal was pretty sweet.

4. Head Case

Everyone likes to celebrate in their own way. From champagne parties to gatorade dumps to chest bumps, athletes always congratulate one another. AC Milan takes it one step further, choosing to kick one another in the head.

5. Style Guru

For Tom Brady, being married to a model must have some perks, including an improved sense of style. But that clearly didn't translate this past weekend during the Kentucky Derby. Straw is meant for horse food, not hats.

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1. It's Magic

Here's Magic Johnson giving his take on the Lakers' ... classless loss ... to the Dallas Mavericks. Somebody fire the teleprompter guy. Can't expect a man who's played basketball his entire life to give an unscripted opinion on a basketball game.

2. Wave Series Decks

Some pretty dope skate decks from Tom Veiga. I don't know who Tom Veiga is, nor do I skate. But noteworthy nonetheless.

3. Watch Your Back

I'm a fan of tattoos.
If there's something that means enough to you to endure hours of pain and pay for it, then by all means go for it. Except you Andrei Kirilenko. What is this?

4. Real World Of Real Madrid

I hear "I don't understand why soccer is such a big deal," pretty regularly. It took me until high school to realize it, but nothing in the States - save for maybe NBA All-Star weekend and the parking lot at Dodgers Stadium - can compare to soccer when it comes to good ol' thuggery. This picture is of Real Madrid's team bus following a 6-2 beatdown of Sevilla. Sevilla's fans stoned Cristiano and Co. before they left the stadium grounds.

5. Vanessa's Wrath

Bill Plaschke of the L.A. Times tossed out an interesting theory behind Pau Gasol's self-abduction during the playoffs. Apparently Pau wasn't speaking to Kobe because of Bryant's wife, Vanessa. Not because he was jealous of how fine she is either. Plaschke is saying that Mrs. Bryant may have broken Pau and his ex-girl up. I guess running All-Star centers out of Los Angeles is what makes Kobe and Vanessa soulmates.

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1. "Rise And Fire" Clothing

Bitter about Gus Johnson possibly leaving CBS Sports? Don't fret. Check out his website, riseandfire.com and buy some limited addition "Rise and Fire" apparel and other merchandise.

3. Delonte's Rap

When Rajon Rondo went down on Saturday night, the Boston Faithful held their breath. They feared having this guy as their starting point guard.

5. How To Make A Baseball Bat With Jason Heyward

In a new "This is SportsCenter" commercial, Jason Heyward explains the process of cutting wood from a tree to make a bat. The Stanford Tree Mascot reacts to his gruesome description.

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1. The Aussie Bulldozer

WARNING: This video is graphic. Jaymie Graham, a player in the Western Australian Football League, suffered the worst sports injury you have ever and probably will ever see. And Americans say the NFL is too dangerous! Ha!

2. Todd McShay Under Fire

Rashard Mendenhall is not the only one making news this week in the Twittersphere. Michael Oher posted critical comments of ESPN's Todd McShay.

3. Shin-Soo Choo's DUI

Video footage of Shin-Soo Choo, who was arrested Monday for a DUI, was just released. The cop first makes him walk in a straight line, but Choo has some trouble with that. The cop finally arrests Choo when he cannot tell his right hand from his left hand.

5. Artest's Suspension In Context

Let's not forget other playoff suspensions due to court misconduct. Look, clotheslining someone is inappropriate, but elbowing a guy in the face isn't any better.

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1. Bill Belichick Did What!

If you didn't tune in and watch the final installment of the NFL draft, you may have missed this. And we all thought "The Hoodie" was too principled to extend insignificant streaks ...

2. Let Mendenhall Explain

After a series of his tweets struck a nerve, Rashard Mendenhall came out and apologized through his blog. If only he was as savvy with his words as he clearly is with his use of various social media platforms.

3. A Potential Cure For NFL Lockout Blues

If those of you suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to a lack of football gambling opportunities were wondering, this is not a good solution.
While it might sound nice that some of these kids are getting some much-needed cash, I can't see this ending well.

4. Hangover 2 Hang-up

For any fans of "The Hangover" or seeing Mike Tyson's supposedly trademarked tattoo on other people's faces, this will come as sad news. The most interesting question that has arisen from the debate: When does a tattoo become art? I hope they get Chris "Birdman" Anderson as an expert witness.

5. The Battle For No. 2

It turns out that new teammates Cam Newton and Jimmy Clausen both actually want to be No. 2. The rookie and the returning starter have each recently stated that they hope to wear 2 on the back of their jersey on opening day. We thought all Clausen had to lose was his manhood, but it turns out he could lose much more.

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1. Spring Silliness

With a new month comes a new crop of the best GIFs in sports. SB Nation put together its April edition, complete with power rankings for each GIF. From Opening Day to NHL/NBA playoffs to the end of March Madness, nothing gets better than spring sports bloopers.

2. MVP Moves

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose became the youngest player ever to win the MVP award. Ahem, I mean, the KIA NBA MVP award. In honor of what could very well the first of many for Rose, here's a list of his signature moves that will help him catch up to Michael Jordan's five awards.

3. Puppet Punch

In preparation for this Saturday's big fight, Manny Pacquiao took the time to record a sweet serenade. The twist? It's Pacman's puppet counterpart, with his signature facial hair and all. If Pacquiao punches as well as his puppet sings, no doubt he'll head home with the win this weekend.

4. Baseball Body Slam

Speaking of power punches, one lucky Boston Red Sox fan got to taste the outfield after getting body slammed by security. Baseball fans act stupid and run onto the outfield all the time, but it's not every day security gets to show off their overlooked skills. Next time, save your body the pain and stay in the stands, buddy.

5. Pool Party

Budweiser has teamed up with soccer and nightlife for the best new sport to hit bars since beer pong: Poolball. Same rules as pool, but on a giant felt field. Finally a sport where you can wear heels and kick butt at the same time.

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